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Deep Trekker DT640 – Utility Crawler

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A top-of-the-line custom tank cleaning crawler

Deep Trekker DT640

Designed for maintenance operations, The DT640 is a three-wheeled crawler with rubber wheels that supports cleaning and inspection accessory add-ons for various types of tanks.


Submersible up to 50m (164′)

Zero-turn radius – Maneuverable

One-man carry portable

Battery operated up to 8 Hours

Anodized aluminum shell

Cleaning Accessories:

DT640 Utility Vacuum

The vacuum head can be mounted in front of the DT640 on a dual actuating arm. One actuator tilts the head 20 degrees, and the other raises and lowers the head 20 degrees. The vacuum head concentrates the suction at the tank’s floor to focus the pumping on sedimentation. The hose connects to a submersible pump outside of the tank. A camera is located on the main body of the crawler that monitors the vacuum head as it removes debris. The utility vacuum package doesn’t include the hose or pump.

DT640 Pressure Washer Kit

Choose between three different pressure wash kits, 310mm, 500mm, and 1000mm. For optimal cleaning, the integrated arch kit can raise, lower and rotate the spray head 20 degrees. In addition, the head supports up to a 4,000 PSI pressure washer unit. Hoses and pressure washer machines are not included in the DT640 pressure washer kit.

Deep Trekker DT640 VAC Packages:


The DT640 VAC XL is a highly capable and versatile vacuum robot designed for efficient cleaning operations. With a depth rating of 50 meters (164 ft), it is suitable for a wide range of water tank cleaning tasks. The robot is equipped with a forward-facing body camera and a PT elevated camera that offers a 360° pan and 280° tilt, providing comprehensive visual coverage during inspections. The built-in LED lights ensure excellent visibility in dark or low-light conditions. The DT640 VAC features an 18″ dual 2″ intake vacuum, allowing for powerful suction capabilities. It also comes with a dual connection kit for enhanced flexibility. The included tether length is 75 meters (245 ft), with the option to add additional lengths as needed. With these features, the DT640 VAC provides an efficient and reliable solution for thorough and effective water tank cleaning operations.

The DT640 VAC Max package is specifically designed for efficient cleaning of reservoirs and tanks by removing sediment and sludge from their bottoms. It offers an easier, safer, and more cost-effective alternative to traditional methods such as draining assets or relying on divers for cleaning. As the larger counterpart of the DT640 Utility Crawler, the DT640 VAC Max provides enhanced capabilities to tackle larger and more demanding cleaning tasks. Its increased size allows for greater ground coverage, while its faster speed enables more efficient operations. With its specialized features, the DT640 VAC Max is perfectly suited for reservoirs, effortlessly handling sediment and mud. The key feature that sets the DT640 VAC Max apart from the standard DT640 VAC package is the inclusion of a 36″ quad 2″ intake vacuum and a quad connection kit, which provide increased suction power and improved versatility during cleaning operations. With the DT640 VAC Max package, users can achieve superior cleaning performance and effectively maintain the cleanliness of their reservoirs and tanks.

Inspection Accessories:

Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

A Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauge can be integrated onto your DT640, allowing you to measure thickness readings on steel tanks, hulls, or other metal surfaces without consulting a dive team or draining an asset.

The Cygnus probe can take readings through up to 1/2″ or 12mm of soft marine growth or coatings.



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