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Level III – Master Thermography Certification

By completing the ITC Level III Master Thermography Certification course, you will gain a deeper understanding of safety requirements, program development, procedural implementation, budget management, written practice development, and reporting procedures. These skills will enhance your professional expertise, enable you to conduct thermographic inspections with precision and establish you as a knowledgeable and competent Level III Thermographer.

Infrared Training Course Benefits
  • Safety Awareness: The course focuses on identifying safety requirements for thermographers and accompanying personnel during IR surveys.
  • Comprehensive Program Knowledge: The course covers key elements necessary for a successful IR Thermography program. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the different components and considerations needed to implement an effective and efficient thermography program.
  • Procedural Expertise: Understanding the process used to create an IR procedure is a vital aspect of thermography. The course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to develop standardized procedures that adhere to industry best practices and ensure consistency in your thermographic inspections.
  • Budget Management: This course will provide you with insights into the various factors to consider when developing a budget, enabling you to plan and manage the financial aspects of your thermography activities.
  • Written Practice Development: Developing a written practice for Level I, Level II, and Level III thermographers is essential for maintaining consistency and quality in your thermographic operations.
  • Customized Reporting: Creating a custom IR report template and following proper reporting procedures are vital for communicating thermographic findings effectively. The course will teach you how to design professional and informative reports, ensuring that your findings are accurately documented and easily understood by stakeholders.
*Please Note*- Online Course currently available for the United States & Canada only, due to advance shipment of course materials & content. Separate sessions will be scheduled for US & CA. Please contact us for details.
Required Course Materials:

• IR Camera– Students will be required to complete various labs & exercises throughout the duration of the course.
• Laptop– Certification Examinations will be administered electronically. Tablets are also acceptable.
• IR Reporting Software- Please have the software installed prior to class. Software can be used to assist with many of the camera lab exercises

Please bring an IR camera to class if you have one. Cameras are not provided during the training course. If you do not have access to a camera you can rent one through MFE Rentals at a discounted rate. If you are attending the course with a colleague or friend, you may share a camera however we recommend no more than three students per IR camera.


A registration fee of $2,300 USD includes course instruction, course materials, breakfast, and lunch each day. Please note that prices may vary for courses conducted outside the continental U.S.; please confirm your price with your local ITC course agent.


Upon successfully fulfilling all the training course requirements, students will be awarded with a Level III Master Thermographer Certification.

The Certification Courses adhere to the guidelines set forth by ASNT (American Society of Nondestructive Testing), specifically CP-105 and SNT-TC-1A. ASNT is an internationally renowned organization that establishes comprehensive qualification and certification standards for personnel engaged in Nondestructive Testing (NDT).


Continuing Education Credits: ITC: 25 CEU’s


Level II Thermography course certification is required.

Next Class Date:

Class Hours:
Day 1:  8AM – 5PM
Day 2:  8AM – 5PM
Day 3:  8AM – 5PM
Day 4:  8AM – 5PM

Class Location:
MFE Enterprises, Inc / MFE Inspection Solutions
6025 Fairmont Pkwy
Pasadena, TX 77505


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