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MFE Inspection Solutions is dedicated to providing inspectors with tools and training they require to succeed in their industry. MFE offers interactive training courses that provide students with hands-on experience and extensive training in their respective field.

MFL Training Course: Get Your API 653 Tank Bottom Certification

Our 40-hour MFL Training Class takes place at our headquarters in Dripping Springs, Texas. As a family-owned company, MFE is proud to offer students hands-on instruction directly from the Duke family. Instructors include Co-Founder Bill Duke who has over 30 years experience in the magnetic flux leakage technique as applied to oil country tubular goods, pipeline inspection, and tank floor inspection.

MFL Training classes are limited to 15 students per session. Each class is divided into smaller rotating groups to ensure a beneficial learning experience. The course rotates between classroom instruction, shop demonstrations, and hands-on training on 28 ft tanks on site. Testing consists of 20 quizzes, one final exam, and a practical test. The curriculum meets the standards set by API 653 Annex G and SNT TC1A.

ITC Infrared Training Courses:
Level 1 – Fundamentals of Thermography Certification
Our Fundamentals of Thermography Level I Certification Course is a beginning thermography course that focuses on how infrared is utilized for a variety of applications.  You will learn the essentials of camera operation, heat transfer, and report writing. Upon successful course completion, you will receive a Level I Infrared Thermography Certification.
Level II – Practical Thermography Certification

Our Practical Thermography, Level II Certification class is for Level I certified thermography professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge of infrared.  This course focuses on strengthening and improving your imaging and temperature measurement skills.  Those who successfully complete the course requirements will receive a Level II Infrared Thermography Certification from ITC.


Level III – Master Thermography Certification

By completing the ITC Level III Master Thermography Certification course, you will gain a deeper understanding of safety requirements, program development, procedural implementation, budget management, written practice development, and reporting procedures. These skills will enhance your professional expertise, enable you to conduct thermographic inspections with precision and establish you as a knowledgeable and competent Level III Thermographer.

Optical Gas Imaging Certification Training

Students will learn how to set up and operate FLIR optical gas imaging cameras. They will learn how to optimally adjust their cameras for varying environmental conditions to find gas leaks. Students will learn under what environmental conditions gas leaks are most easily found, somewhat easy to find, and difficult to find.

This class will teach students which gases can be found with FLIR optical gas imaging cameras and leak size limitations. Some basic infrared theory and heat transfer concepts will be introduced to build a strong foundation.

Level I – Electrical Thermography

The Level I Electrical Thermography certification training course is designed for new infrared camera owners and practicing thermographers seeking specialized training on electrical thermographic inspections. The course will provide fundamental training on camera operation, heat transfer, and thermal science, along with application discussions and examples focused on inspecting commercial electrical systems. Attendees who complete all training course requirements will receive an ITC Level I Infrared Thermography Certification.

Level I – sUAS Thermography Course

The ITC sUAS Level 1 Thermography Certification course is geared to individuals or corporations wanting focused training on aerial IR inspections and applications. This 4-day course is designed for the sUAS pilot who needs the background, skills, and knowledge to properly capture and interpret thermal images.  Attendees who complete all training course requirements and a thermography field assignment will receive an sUAS Level 1 Infrared Thermography certification that industry professionals recognize.

Level II – sUAS Thermography Course

Our Practical Thermography, Level II sUAS Certification course is designed for sUAS Level I certified thermography professionals who seek to expand their knowledge of infrared technology using an unmanned aerial vehicle to collect thermography data. Those who complete the course requirements will earn a Level II sUAS Infrared Thermography Certification from Infrared Training Center, the world leader in Thermography Training.

Advanced PMI Training Course
Enhance your Positive Material Identification (PMI) skills with Thermo Scientific Niton XRF and LIBS PMI training designed for both level I and II Technicians. Our comprehensive 3-day training course covers various aspects of PMI alloy analysis, including Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Alky service, Low Residual Element (LRF) materials, and carbon content on L&H grade stainless steel. Led by our experienced level III Technicians with over 30 years of field expertise, this course prepares you for Turn Around or Retro PMI projects. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification from ThermoFisher and MFE Inspection Solutions. We also offer personalized training for companies with 3 or more students, with flexible scheduling options available at an additional cost. Don’t miss this opportunity to equip your team with customized PMI training tailored to your company’s specific needs.
Drone Training Courses:

Take part in one of MFE Inspection Solutions’ Advanced Drone Training Courses. We now offer training on autonomous drones, indoor inspection drones, the latest payload accessories, and advanced data analysis.

Skydio Equipment Training Course

MFE Inspection Solutions provides two specialized courses that will help Skydio pilots perform safe, detailed and accurate inspections, utilize advanced features, collect data, construct digital twins, and maintain the drone.

sUAS Basic Course

Our one-day basic course prepares students for commercial drone operators and provides introductory training to the DJI Matrice 300.

sUAS Advanced Course

Our two-day course includes all instruction from our one-day basic course and then explores the features involved in advanced commercial drone operation for use in industrial and environmental inspections.

Online FAA Part 107 Certification Prep Course

MFE Inspection Solutions has partnered with Drone Pilot Ground School to bring you a comprehensive Part 107 self-paced online test preparation training course. The material covers the 120+ concepts the FAA has outlined in their UAS Airman Certification Standards.

ELIOS Training Courses: Learn to Pilot the ELIOS on our Obstacle Course 

At MFE Inspection Solutions, we offer introductory and specialized training for maneuvering the ELIOS in confined spaces on our drone obstacle course built on-site. Our ELIOS training program is a mix of theory and practice, and drone pilots will go through the entire process of a mission, from preparation to realization and data post-processing.