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Voliro T Ultrasonic NDT Drone

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Introducing the Voliro T drone, a new era of non-destructive testing from above. Perform accurate ultrasonic measurements and flaw detection in hard-to-reach areas.


Voliro T Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspection Drone

The Voliro T drone’s unprecedented autonomy, omnidirectional functionality, and advanced physical interaction capabilities make it a revolutionary tool for performing ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) Inspection tasks in hard-to-reach environments. The Voliro T Drone includes an NDT Payload Bundle featuring an Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer, Ultrasonic Transducer, and a Dry Film Thickness sensor for precise wall thickness measurements and surface corrosion detection.

Physical Performance

Utilize a maximum force of 30N and apply various Nm of torque to structures. Engage in physical interaction with objects.


Experience unparalleled mobility with the drone’s ability to tilt up to +-90°, enabling interaction in any orientation.


Implementing thrust-vectoring and 6DoF control ensures the necessary stability for dependable interaction even in challenging conditions.


With its semi-autonomous flight modes and advanced pilot assistance, the Voliro T offers a safe and user-friendly flying experience, even in GPS-denied environments, allowing for close proximity flights near structures.


Designed to communicate with humans and machines, the drone is equipped with open interfaces that enable seamless integration.

Modular Payloads

The Voliro T supports a range of custom payloads weighing up to 1kg and effective solutions for your challenges. Additionaly, the Voliro T is equipped with integrated sensors, including two 4k cameras and a depth camera. 

Voliro T Easy Portability & Hassle-Free Transportation

Experience convenience and effortless portability with the Voliro T drone. Not only does the Voliro T come with a rugged, waterproof, crushproof transportation case, payload box, and accessories box, but the batteries are airline approved in accordance with the IATA TABLE 2.3.A, allowing you to pack them in your carry-on luggage conveniently.

NDT Payload Bundle:

The EMAT is Ideal for corroded and dirty surfaces, this sensor has a maximal lift-off of 4mm. It complies with ASTM E1816-18 standards and has a range of 2-150mm with an accuracy of 0.04mm.

The Ultrasonic Transducer is compliant with EN 12668-1 and ISO 16831:2012, this sensor offers Echo-to-Echo and Pulsed Echo test modes with live A-Scan. It has a thickness range of 4-150mm and a resolution of 0.02us (or 0.06mm at 5900m/s).

The DFT sensor measures the thickness of protective coatings. It utilizes magnetic induction and eddy current measurement modes, with a range of 0 to 1500um (or 700um).

Voliro T Specifications:

Collapse Voliro T Accordion

Drone Type / ConfigurationMultirotor / Omnidirectional Tri-Copter
Weight Batteries Included3.7 kg
Max Takeoff Weight6.0 kg
Max Payload Weight1,0 kg
Dimensions (LxBxH)78 x 78 x 34 cm without rotors, bumpers, and payload)
118 x 109 x 34 cm rotor tip to payload tip
Camera System4K 12MP Inspector Camera (Horizontal FoV 80°)
4K 12MP Pilot Camera (Horizontal FoV 140°)
Frame rate: 30/60fps
best GSD: 0.16mm/px
Video Formats: H.265(.mp4)
File Storage: microSD, 256GB
DownlinkLive Video Stream Inspector Camera: HD 30fps
Live Video Stream Pilot Camera: HD 30fps
Live Payload Data Stream
Power LEDsmax. 17'000 lumen adjustable through Remote Control
Sensing SystemDepth Camera (VGA)
6 x LiDAR distance sensor
6 x Vision-based velocity sensor

Battery & Charger

Battery & Charger
Battery TypeLiPo (Hardcase, UN3481)
Battery Configuration2 x 6S batteries in parallel
Capacity2 x 4500 mAh
Weight1.3 kg per pair of batteries
Charging Cutoff Voltage25.2 V
Min Voltage21.6 V no load
Recommended Storage Voltage22.2 - 22.8 V
Recommended Charging Current< 9 A or 1C
Charging Temperature10 - 30°C
Charging Time< 90 min
Smart BatteryNo, batteries must be treated and cared for accordingly
TransportationBatteries airline approved according to IATA TABLE 2.3.A batteries have to be carried within carry-on baggage
Charge TypeDual AC/DC LiPo charger with balancing function
Charger Input Voltage AC110 - 120V AC / 220 - 240 V AC (manual switch), 50 / 60Hz 9 - 32 V DC
Peak Output Power600 W


Flight Time10 - 14 min. mission and payload dependent
Flight ModesManual attitude is fully stabilized
Interaction Assistant
Emergency Flight ModesIntelligent auto-descent / position-hold on signal lost
Navigation AssistanceOutdoor GPS based: position, velocity, altitude
Indoor GPS denied: height, velocity, altitude
Interaction Accuracy± 2 cm normal environment conditions
Max Horizontal Speed3 m/s in position flight mode
15 m/s in altitude and manual flight mode
Max Ascent / Descent Speed3 m/s in position and altitude flight mode

Remote Controller & Tablet

Remote Controller & Tablet
Pilot Tablet IncludedSamsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Tablet ChargerData Link, 12v
Tablet Battery7040 mAh
Inspector Tablet IncludedSame as Pilot Tablet
Remote Controller ModeMode 2 (Throttle and yaw on left stick)
GimbalHall sensor M7 gimbal pinching thumbs compatible
Remote Controller Battery3600 mAh
Remote Controller ChargerInput 110 - 24v AC, Output 12.8v DC


GPS AntennaIntegrated active antenna
TripodRollei Compact Traveler Star S1, 38.5 - 125cm
Battery3000 mAh
ChargerInput 110 - 240v AC, Output 12.8v DC

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