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Crab Robot Crawlers




The Endo Control Crab Crawler Robot is a highly customizable ROV designed for navigation of piping. Its state-of-the-art design allows the robot to navigate tight bends and travel vertically within pipes.

Crab Crawler Systems

The drive unit consists of 6 spring-loaded motor drive arms. Combined with a planetary transmission, 32 radial ball bearings, and 12 rubber-coated wheels, these motors enable the Crab Crawler Robot to achieve maximum traction inside piping and perform the inspection with ease. The spring-loaded drive arms also ensure that the robot is precisely centered inside the pipe to enable the robot to adapt to uneven surfaces and even navigate past cross-sections.


Camera head options such as forward view, pan-tilt, or pan-tilt-zoom cameras are also available for the Crab Robot Crawlers and produce sharp, crisp images with the CCD imager integrated into the camera module. In addition, changeable cameras are available on specific crawler systems.

Crab Robot Changable Camera Modules

Navigation Capabilities

The Robot Crawlers’ unique design allows it to navigate tight bends (as small as 0.8x D) and travel vertically within pipelines.

Pipe Size

The crawlers are custom-designed for navigation of pipings between diameters of 50mm to 1,000mm.

Additional Accessories & Sensors:

About CRM-180 Laser Sensor

CRM-180 Sensor is a new advancement in laser measurement technology. The sensor measures internal geometries of bores, pipes containers and other cavities. The radial laser scans the inner surface on a cavity geometry over 360° at 4096 angular points. Sensors with different measuring ranges are available.




DVR HD 7SD TOUCH Video Recorder Features

  • IPS 7inch (1280×800) TFT Panel (LED Back Light) Touch Screen
  • Optical Bonding for convenient outdoor use
  • Dustproof, Waterproof
  • Anti-finger coating for convenient use of the touch screen
  • Various Input Signal: IP,HD/EX/3G-SDI,AHD,TVI,CVI,CVBS,HDMI
  • HDMI output port is provided (1080p 60)
  • PoE (Max. 30w), PoC (Max. 10W) – PoC function is available for supported cameras only
  • Power supply to camera (Max. DC12V / 500mA)
  • Video recording, snapshots and playback is available.
  • IP App: Auto Discovery, Camera Settings, View, PTZ Control, Snapshot, Record
  • Supports WiFi & Bluetooth connection for wireless networking.

Crab Crawler Video Inspection SystemsPortable Systems

the new video-inspection systems are conveniently portable and versatile. A sturdy collapsible trolley can be equipped with different cable drums, control units and reels. All components are equipped with shock absorbers. For mobile use, the individual systems can also be operated independently with high-performance lithium batteries





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