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The Fisher FMP 30 Deltascope is a material testing device used to provide highly precise measurements of a wide variety of metal and non-metal coatings.

Using a magnetic induction method of measurement, the FMP 30 Deltascope provides non-destructive coating thickness measurement. NDT inspectors can measure metal coatings such as chrome, copper and zinc as well as non-metal coatings such as paint, varnish, enamel or plastic coatings on steel and iron surfaces.

With ample memory space to store up to 20,000 readings and 100 different calibrations, the FMP 30 is designed for customer-specific measurement applications. Users can input tolerance limits and this instrument will provide acoustic and visual warnings when tolerance limits are reached.  The calculation of the associated process can be analyzed graphically and statistically.


  • Automotive industry
  • Paint manufacturing and processing
  • Laboratories
  • Test institutes
  • Aeronautics industry


Fischer FMP 30 Deltascope Product Brochure


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