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Elios 2 GPC Case

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A game-changing solution crafted by MFE Inspection Solutions and Flyability. This exceptional case offers unmatched protection and convenience for your Elios 2 inspection drone and its accessories.


Introducing the Elios GPC Case

MFE Inspection Solutions, in collaboration with Flyability and top-tier enterprise users, undertook an extraordinary mission: to create the ultimate Elios 2 case surpassing rigorous field requirements. Our unwavering commitment to excellence resulted in an awe-inspiring configuration that sets a new standard. With increased space and enhanced watertight capabilities, we provide unparalleled protection for your gear against the elements.

Compact Design

Introducing the GPC-MFE-FB-V2, a marvel of compactness and efficiency. Despite its space-saving dimensions, this configuration is capable of accommodating an impressive array of essential components. With room for up to 15 batteries, a quad charger, two remote controls and tablets, the Elios range extender, and more, you can rest assured that all your critical tools will find their rightful place within the case.


At MFE Inspection Solutions, we prioritize the use of high-quality materials and reliable partners. The GPC-MFE-FB-V2 is no exception, as we have collaborated with renowned case manufacturer SKB to ensure the utmost durability and protection. Additionally, our signature water jet low abrasive soft cell polyethylene foam, featuring the blue MDL cap, adds an extra layer of resilience, safeguarding your equipment from shocks and impacts.

Elevate Your Elios 2 Experience with the Elios GPC Case by MFE Inspection Solutions

Experience unrivaled protection and convenience for your Elios 2 drone. Get the game-changing Elios GPC Case by MFE Inspection Solutions today and take your inspections to new heights!


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