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Faster Inspections and Better Data

Amigo 2 is engineered around a highly advanced signal acquisition and processing system able to process data significantly faster than the original Amigo, for a data range that’s 14 times better. This offers you smoother, higher resolution indications that increase the detectability of small defects and the coating thickness through which you can inspect.

Portable Unit With Embedded and Remote Software

Amigo 2 is a self-contained unit incorporating electronics, a multi-touch display, and storage in one rugged enclosure. This removes the need for a remote computer and cables, enhancing portability. Of course, those of you who still wish to use a remote computer still can.

A New Platform for Evolution

Amigo 2 features SENSU® 2 connectors which will be used by a new generation of ACFM probes—manual or array. The SENSU 2 connector supports up to eight digital inputs for high-speed, large-array applications.

  • Accurate sizing of surface-breaking cracks
  • Inspect through paint and coatings
  • Less cleaning compared to other methods
  • Up to 10 times faster than the first generation
  • Legacy probe support
  • New SENSU 2 probes for high-speed, large-array applications
  • Weld inspection: w/ standard probes and single-pass array probes
  • One or two-person operation (e.g., confined spaces)
  • High-temperature applications
  • Inspection through thick coatings
  • Thread inspection
  • Splash zone inspection

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