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The ChainSCANNER provides a manual pipe-inspection solution for pipes ranging from 1.75″ – 38″ Outside Diameter. The scanner is held by chain links instead of magnetic wheels and is well suited for weld/corrosion inspections on various material types, using UT, TOFD, and PA technologies.

Chain Scanner Manual Inspection

The scanner held by chain links is able to inspect ferromagnetic or nonferromagnetic surfaces. The chain links help ensure a straight displacement of the scanner by eliminating steering issues. The positioning system is useful when the area around the pipe is difficult to access as the scanner can be rotated around the pipe using the chain links.

Standard Kit Includes

  • Main module with scan-axis encoder
  • Chain links for 1.75″ – 38″ pipe OD with quick-release adjustable buckle
  • 5 m encoder cable for OmniScan
  • 17.7 ” probe-holder bar
  • Two spring-loaded probe holders with adjustable TOFD-P/E yokes
  • Two spring-loaded probe holders with adjustable phased array yokes
  • Probe-positioning system with lead screw adjustment
  • 5 m divisible cable conduit (19 mm ID)
  • Irrigation tubes and fittings
  • CHAIN™ scanner tool
  • Carrying case

Note: Probes and wedges are not included with the scanner.


  • Standard configuration using one or two probes and optional configuration using four probes for TOFD, phased array, or pulse-echo inspections.
  • Encoded manual scan on one or two axis
  • Ergonomic handle to protect encoder connectors and provide cable management
  • Independent chain links mounted on bearings wheels coated with urethane for smooth rolling
  • Easy clamping device for quick scanner positioning
  • The majority of adjustments can be made without the use of tools
  • Compatible with the OmniScan®, the TomoScan FOCUS LT™ (with optional adaptor), and other instruments using the appropriate encoder cable

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