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The GE MIC 10 is a compact tool that allows for quick and convenient,
on-site hardness testing virtually anywhere.

Unlike traditional optical evaluation with conventional hardness testers, the MIC 10 electronically
measures the material’s surface and instantly displays the results.  Measurements can be made
on various materials, objects with various shapes and sizes, and even heat treated surfaces.
Erroneous single values can also be edited without interrupting the measurement process.  Keep
your inspection on track with adjustable visual and audible alarms when reaching critical
measurement values.

The MIC 10 is automatically calibrated for low and non-alloyed steel materials, but can easily be
re-calibrated for other materials.  The instrument operation can just as easily be customized
for application-specific hardness testing requirements, allowing the inspector to reduce key presses
by disabling unnecessary functions and simplifying operations.  The narrow probes also give the
inspector access to difficult to reach areas

In addition to the internal storage included on the MIC 10, instrument settings and calibrations can
also be stored on a memory card and automatically recalled when measuring specific materials.  Expand
your capabilities using the UltraHARD software to make further data processing such as evaluations,
statistics, and documentation.


  • On-site hardness testing according to the Ultrasonic-Contact-Impedance (UCI)
  • Standardized according to ASTM A 1038
  • Probes with test loads from 1N (HV0.1) to 98N (HV10)
  • Automatic conversion into different hardness scales and tensile strength
  • Display of single value or average from a test series
  • Data Logger version with internal data memory for measurement data and instrument


GE MIC 10 Product Brochure



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