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Deep Trekker DT300 Series Package

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the DT300 series package by Deep Trekker is a versatile and portable solution for pipe inspections. It includes two crawlers in one package, the DT340 and DT320 Mini.

Introducing the DT300 Series Package: Two Crawlers in One for Versatile and Portable Pipe Inspections

The DT300 Pipe Crawler package by Deep Trekker is a comprehensive solution for versatile pipe inspections. This package offers the ability to inspect both small and large-diameter pipes using a single controller and reel, eliminating the need for investing in two separate systems.

Seamless System Compatibility

The DT300 Pipe Crawler package includes the DT340 and DT320 crawlers, all necessary wheel kits and track sets, a powered tether reel with a 400m (1,312′) capacity, and a controller to operate both crawlers.

Unleash Unrivaled Performance: Mastering Pipe Navigation with the DT300 Pipe Crawler Package

The DT300 Pipe Crawler package offers exceptional versatility when it comes to navigating through pipe diameters. Equipped with dual crawlers, the DT340 and DT320 models, this comprehensive system ensures seamless compatibility with pipes of various sizes. From as small as 6″ (150mm) to larger diameters, the DT300 package is capable of conquering them all. Adding to its capabilities, the crawler operates on batteries, providing up to 8 hours of continuous inspection without the need for external power sources. Furthermore, the submersible camera feature allows for thorough inspections in underwater environments, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of pipe conditions. Whether it’s inspecting small or large-diameter pipes or maneuvering through submerged areas, the DT300 Pipe Crawler package is designed to deliver exceptional performance and adaptability.

DT300 Series Pipe Crawlers:

The DT340 is a cutting-edge pipe crawler system offered by Deep Trekker. It is the world’s only truly portable and battery-operated pipe crawler, providing a compact and convenient solution for inspections. With its lightweight handheld control console, solid yet thin tether, and versatile wheel and track options, the DT340 makes pipe inspections easier and more efficient.

One of the notable features of the DT340 is its underwater operation capability. With a depth rating of up to 50m (164 ft) and no need for topside power, it is ideal for water pipe and sewer pipe inspections. The DT340’s completely steerable wheels enable smooth navigation and maneuverability around obstacles, while the integrated monitor allows real-time viewing of CCTV video footage.

DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler With Camera up

The DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler is a portable and battery-operated solution designed for storm and wastewater inspections. It comes in a compact carrying case, allowing for easy deployment without the need for topside power. With its handheld control console, the DT320 Mini Crawler offers convenience and ease of use. It can be customized with various wheel options and tracks to suit different projects. The DT320 Mini Crawler is compatible with the DT340 model, allowing for a complete set of CCTV pipe crawlers using the same tether and control console. With its compact design and battery operation, the DT320 Mini Crawler provides a versatile and efficient solution for pipe inspections.

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