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Notice: This product is exclusively available for purchase and use within Canada. Distribution or sale of this product outside Canadian territory, including the United States, is strictly prohibited as authorization for such activities has not been granted.

Bettair – Air Quality Mapping




Revolutionizing Urban Air Quality Monitoring: Bettair® Maps Pollution at Unprecedented Precision to Transform Cities and Lives.

Bettair® Transforms Urban Living with Air Quality Insights

Step into the future of urban living with Bettair® Air Quality Mapping, an innovative product that utilizes cutting-edge gas sensors and advanced algorithms to map air and noise pollution in cities with unprecedented precision. This groundbreaking platform empowers municipalities to develop strategic plans, improve air quality, and effectively combat pollution. Bettair® nodes, equipped with advanced sensors and an intuitive citizen app, make pollution sources visible and enable tailored solutions.


Bettair Efforts To Improve Health

Air pollution is a critical global issue with profound impacts on public health. Each year, outdoor air pollution is responsible for nearly 4 million deaths, predominantly in urban areas. The urgency of this problem is heightened by the rapid urban population growth. Particulate matter (PM), ozone (O3), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are among the key contributors to this health crisis, posing significant hazards to human well-being.

Bettair’s life cycle analysis considers all emissions associated with its products, encompassing manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and energy consumed during use and recycling.

Optimal Industries for Dnota Bettair Utilization

In the contemporary landscape of environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance, the imperative for real-time, precise air quality monitoring is paramount across diverse sectors. The Dnota Bettair system, with its cutting-edge technology for detecting and analyzing airborne pollutants, is uniquely positioned to serve a broad spectrum of industries. These sectors are not just required to adhere to stringent environmental regulations but are also committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of communities and ecosystems. The Dnota Bettair system offers a seamless integration of fenceline monitoring capabilities, enabling these industries to monitor, record, and report hazardous emissions with unprecedented accuracy and transparency. By adopting Dnota Bettair’s advanced air quality monitoring solutions, the following industries can achieve compliance, enhance safety, and contribute to the global effort of reducing environmental pollution.


  • Manufacturing – Ensuring cleaner production processes and safer workplace environments.
  • Chemical Plant – Precisely monitoring chemical emissions and mitigating exposure risks.
  • Urban Planning and Smart Cities – Integrating air quality data for healthier urban living spaces.
  • Waste Management – Monitoring emissions from waste processing and recycling operations.
  • Mining – Overseeing dust and gas emissions in mining sites to protect workers and nearby communities.
  • Oil & Gas – Implementing rigorous fenceline monitoring to track emissions and protect adjacent areas.

A Closer Look at Bettair® Air Quality Sensors

The Bettair® static nodes provide an array of sensors designed for precise air quality measurement, capable of monitoring up to six gases simultaneously. These sensors cover a wide spectrum of pollutants, including NO2, NO, CO, O3, SO2, H2S, and CO2, along with particulate matter sizes PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, and ambient noise levels. This comprehensive coverage ensures detailed monitoring of the most critical air quality indicators. In addition to air quality parameters, these nodes also gather data on temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure, offering a holistic view of environmental conditions.

Exploring the bettair® Software Platform

The bettair® software platform offers real-time visualization of nodes and their status, providing comprehensive insights into air quality monitoring. This platform displays all node values, allowing users to access crucial data effortlessly. Additionally, the bettair® platform facilitates the visualization of pollutant heatmaps and the Common Air Quality Index, enabling a comprehensive understanding of environmental conditions and air quality metrics.

Bettair® Nodes: Revolutionizing Air Quality Insights

Bettair® nodes offer an unparalleled combination of advanced calibration and worldwide connectivity. Thanks to our innovative post-processing algorithm, these sensors achieve remarkable accuracy, boasting a Pearson Correlation of over 90%. This level of precision places them in the same range as traditional and costly monitoring stations, eliminating the need for in-situ calibration. Leveraging unsupervised machine learning techniques, the algorithms process raw data from the gas sensors, ensuring exceptional performance even at low concentrations, down to parts-per-billion (ppb). Moreover, the nodes come equipped with a versatile range of connectivity options, including 3G, LTE, 4G, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and Ethernet, guaranteeing seamless worldwide connectivity for comprehensive air quality monitoring. Additionally, these nodes are designed with flexibility in mind, capable of configuring to work with either DC or AC power sources. They can easily integrate with solar power for energy-efficient operations or be hard-wired to ensure constant power supply, accommodating various installation environments and energy availability scenarios.


Bettair Collapse Row
Bettair Node
Bettair Node Specifications
Measure The bettair® Static Nodes can measure various air pollutants as well as ambient noise level and other environmental parameters.Electrochemical gas sensors (up to 6) to measure (ppb or µg/m3):
Optical Particle Counter (µg/m3) for:
Greenhouse gas measurement:
CO2 (ppm o mg/m3)
Features Own mechanical design
Dust tight and water-resistant (IP65 rated)
Low-power electronics
Sensors Cartridge The lifetime of the sensors (electrochemical cells and particulate matters) inside the nodes is of two years.
Within this period, the quality of the data is guaranteed. After the two years period, the sensors must be replaced. This is easily done by replacing the bettair® sensor cartridge in the picture.
Connectivity LoRaWAN
Size & Weight Height: 210 mm (8.26 inches)
Width: 176 mm (6.92 inches)
Depth: 114 mm (4.48 inches)
Bettair Software & Mobile Application
Software Platform & Mobile Application
Software Platform The bettair® platform shows data from each device and heat maps of the zone covered. It can be easily connected with other platforms. Our API allows connecting our platform with any proprietary or open-source platforms.
Mobile Application bettair® App is under development to provide better access to information and personal features such as finding the cleanest routes or tracking individual exposure.

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