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Fifish Pro W6

UAV, ROV, NDT For Sale

The Fifish Pro W6 is an industrial-class ROV with a patented q-motor system. This underwater remote-operated vehicle enables quick attachments, removable parts and accessories for a wide range of underwater applications.

Fifish W6 Professional

Designed for deep-sea operations this underwater ROV comes standard with a 350-meter tether and reel can be used to tackle missions with reliability and precision.


MFE Fifish W6 Design

Simple Modular Design | 5 Interface Ports

It’s simple to add and remove accessories from the Fifish W6 and with its five-interface port system, the pilot has the ability to add on and operate with different tools simultaneously.

Real-Time Quick Positioning System

The U-QPS is a software and hardware ecosystem that provides a 3D map of the FIFISH W6s’ real-time location, points of interest recordings, three-dimensional dive paths and a return to home position feature.

Sonar Imaging

Sonar Imaging

The 2D and 3D sonar imaging equipment can be integrated into the Fifish Pro W6, to provide the operator the ability to perform, scan and inspect underwater environments in dark or turbid conditions. 

MFE Intuitive Sonar Array

Sonar Array System

The Sonday Array System is a QSYSEA patented algorithm that includes a smart distance lock, altitude lock, collision avoidance and terrain scanning functions. These features simplify and automate environmental complexities during underwater operations.

MFE Fifish Station Lock

Station Lock System

The station lock holds the ROV position underwater and will return to its locked position against any interference from underwater environments. 

Dual 4k Camera

Dual 4K Camera

The Dual 4K Camera System delivers an ultra-wide field of view and facilitates greater efficiency for inspection tasks. The system and its data collection software allow a greater range of detail beneficial for professional organizations..

Fifish W6 Battery

Removable Lithium Battery

The W6 battery capsule is a durable, removable design with up to 8 hours of continuous battery life. the Fifish W6 battery can be charged up to 70% in just one hour.

High Precision Measuring Tools:

Laser Ruler

The Laser Ruler enables optical measurements of underwater objects with high accuracy. Operators can efficiently measure the scale of cracks, holes and degradation to prevent further chances of damage effectively. The Laser Ruler comes standard with the Fifish Pro W6 packages. 

AR Scaler

The Augmented Reality Scaler is an intelligent feature within the FIFISH Pro W6 App that allows the pilot to measure the size of underwater objects with high precision and record measurement results.

Compass Ruler

Physically measure small objects underwater and gather results in real-time with the Compass Ruler.


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