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Boston Dynamics Orbit

Orbit, by Boston Dynamics, is a premier solution for robot fleet oversight. It enables swift management, dynamic mission scheduling, and comprehensive connectivity, transforming your approach to robotic workflow integration.


Introducing Boston Dynamics Orbit: Robot Fleet Management

Boston Dynamics is proud to announce Orbit, the next step in robot fleet management software. This comprehensive solution redefines how businesses monitor and manage their robotic operations, offering a single view of sites, robots, and equipment for enhanced operational control and insight.

Coupled with significant enhancements to the Spot mobile robot, including updated manual controls and autonomous navigation capabilities, Orbit and Spot together offer a powerful, integrated solution for optimizing fleet management and boosting operational efficiency.

Optimizing Operations

Boston Dynamics Orbit offers a comprehensive solution for managing robot fleets, incorporating self-awareness, fleet management, and data analysis functionalities. By seamlessly integrating these core pillars, Orbit empowers businesses to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation in their robotic workflow.


  • Real-time visualization of robot operations on facility maps.
  • immediate insights for operators to make informed decisions.

Fleet Management

  • Unified remote ecosystem for managing all fleet-related tasks.
  • Efficient route planning, mission scheduling, and progress monitoring.

Data Centralization & Analysis

  • Centralized data repository for reliable and consistent information.
  • Seamless integration with existing business systems.
  • Harnessing AI capabilities for advanced data analysis and optimization.


Comprehensive Control

Discover the comprehensive capabilities of Boston Dynamics’ Orbit software, designed to transform the management and deployment of your robotic fleet. Orbit provides an integrated solution for real-time monitoring, mission scheduling, and enhanced communication, ensuring seamless operation and heightened efficiency across your facility.

Site Maps

  • Gain an unparalleled view of your autonomous robot fleet at work with detailed site maps overlaid on your facility’s blueprint.
  • Author, modify, and monitor missions effortlessly, with the flexibility to adjust mission parameters in response to site changes at any time.

Alerts & Notifications

  • Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time alerts and trend tracking directly from the Orbit dashboard.
  • Customize email notifications to ensure critical updates on equipment performance reach the right people at the right time.

Remote Operation

  • Control your robots from anywhere, leveraging Orbit’s capabilities to see through Spot’s cameras, navigate across your facility, and perform manual inspections remotely with sensor payloads, broadening your operational reach and flexibility.


Setup and Connectivity

Setting up and connecting your fleet with Boston Dynamics’ Orbit software is straightforward and designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Orbit’s flexibility in connectivity options ensures that your robotic fleet is always in sync with your operational needs, providing real-time data and control without the complexity.

Versatile Connectivity

  • Connect via Wi-Fi, LTE, or cellular networks, allowing for seamless operation in any setting.

Cloud or On-Premise

  • Choose between cloud-based access for convenience or on-premise installation with Site Hub for enhanced control.

Intuitive Interface

  • Easily import site maps, set missions, and customize settings with Orbit’s user-friendly dashboard.

Dedicated Support

  • Benefit from Boston Dynamics’ comprehensive support and installation services, which ensure smooth integration into your workflow.

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