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Crawler Inspection Systems For Sale

MFE Inspection Solutions offers a range of advanced crawler inspection systems for sale, including Deep Trekker Systems, Endo Control Crab Robot Crawlers, and the Sarcos Guardian S.

The Deep Trekker crawler inspection systems are designed for a variety of inspections, including utility, pipe, and submersible inspections. These systems include the Deep Trekker DT640, Deep Trekker DT840 UGV, Deep Trekker DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler, and Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler. These systems are versatile, rugged, and portable and come equipped with high-resolution cameras and powerful LED lights for clear and detailed imaging in even the most challenging environments.

The Endo Control Crab Robot Crawlers are fully customizable and adaptable to numerous diameter pipelines, featuring an optional inner diameter laser scanner for accurate and precise inspections of the inside of pipes. These crawlers are designed to operate in challenging environments and are capable of navigating through complex piping systems with ease.

The Sarcos Guardian S is a wireless remote-operated vehicle inspection system that provides real-time video feedback to operators. With its advanced controls and high-resolution cameras, the Guardian S can navigate through tight spaces and provide a clear view of the area being inspected. The system is designed to be durable and reliable, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of inspection applications.

Overall, MFE Inspection Solutions’ crawler inspection systems offer advanced features and capabilities that enable operators to perform accurate and comprehensive inspections in a wide range of environments and applications. These systems are designed to provide reliable and actionable data, allowing operators to make informed decisions and take corrective action where needed.

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