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Elios 3 UT Payload

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The Elios 3 UT Payload system revolutionizes ultrasonic testing (UT) in confined spaces with drone-based precision. Offering real-time analysis, enhanced mapping, and seamless surface preparation, it sets new standards for inspections in challenging environments.

Elios 3: The Future in Confined Space Ultrasonic Testing

Introducing the Elios 3 UT Payload system, a groundbreaking innovation in confined space inspection, meticulously crafted through the collaboration between Flyability and Cygnus Instruments. This pioneering technology redefines the standards of safety and precision in ultrasonic testing (UT) for industrial assets.

Tailored for the hazardous environments of tanks, vessels, and structural components, the Elios 3 UT Payload system offers a comprehensive solution for conducting detailed inspections from the inside out, without the need for direct human entry. Featuring advanced capabilities such as:

  • Location-tagged UT measurements
  • Smart couplant dispenser
  • Modular probe heads for various inspection needs
  • Smart probe arm
  • Cleaning module

This system is designed to navigate the complexities of confined spaces safely and efficiently. With the addition of a cleaning module and live A-scan analysis, the Elios 3 ensures that each inspection is performed with the highest level of accuracy and data integrity. Elevate your asset inspection and maintenance strategies with the Elios 3 UT Payload system, where technology meets the unparalleled demand for thorough, risk-free inspections.

Advanced Modular Probes Meet Smart Arms for Superior Inspections

Bringing simplicity and effectiveness to ultrasonic testing in confined spaces, this payload features a blend of modular probe heads and a smart probe arm. Together, they adapt seamlessly to various inspection needs, ensuring accurate and efficient results across diverse industrial applications.

This streamlined approach enhances safety and simplifies processes in challenging environments, setting a new standard for precision in asset inspection.

Modular Probe Heads

The Elios 3 UT Payload revolutionizes confined space inspections with its state-of-the-art modular probe head, offering unparalleled adaptability and precision for ultrasonic testing.

Designed to meet the diverse challenges of industrial inspections, this innovative feature includes interchangeable twin crystal piezo-composite probes available in 2MHz, 5MHz, or 7.5MHz frequencies, ensuring optimal performance across a wide range of material types and conditions.

Whether it’s navigating the intricate details of small diameter pipes with the high-resolution 7.5MHz probe, or penetrating thick coatings and attenuative materials with the 2MHz probe, the Elios 3 adapts to your specific inspection needs.

Coupled with a selection of probe hoods to match various surface geometries, the modular probe head guarantees that every measurement is precise, reliable, and tailored to deliver the most accurate data possible, transforming how industries approach maintenance and safety protocols in confined spaces.

Smart Probe Arm

The Elios 3 UT Payload system takes inspection agility and precision to new heights with its innovative smart probe arm.

This feature is ingeniously designed for flexibility, allowing the probe to be mounted on top, in front of, or beneath the drone, and to be shaped according to the specific requirements of each inspection task.

This adaptability ensures that operators can achieve the necessary contact with a variety of surfaces, no matter how complex or hard-to-reach they may be.

The smart probe arm’s versatility makes it an indispensable tool for conducting thorough ultrasonic testing in confined spaces.

Maximizing Efficiency in Inspections with Live-A-Scan and Mapping

Introducing two pivotal features streamlining the inspection process: the live A-scan and enhanced map. Together, they offer a seamless blend of real-time data analysis and spatial awareness, simplifying complex inspections.

The live A-scan provides immediate feedback on material conditions, while the enhanced map ensures thorough coverage and efficient navigation. These tools elevate the precision and effectiveness of inspections, offering a straightforward approach to managing and maintaining assets in challenging environments.

Live A-Scan

The Elios 3 UT Payload system enhances ultrasonic testing (UT) capabilities with its live A-scan feature, providing operators with immediate visibility into material conditions.

This innovative tool broadcasts ultrasonic waveforms in real time, allowing for instant analysis and feedback during inspections.

With comprehensive measurement controls, operators can fine-tune gain and gate settings on the fly, ensuring both automated and manual adjustments lead to the highest measurement accuracy.

This level of adaptability is crucial in complex environments, maintaining data integrity and empowering operators with the information needed for prompt, informed decisions.

Enhanced Live Map

The Elios 3 UT Payload system introduces the enhanced live map, a pivotal feature for streamlining confined space inspections.

This tool provides a real-time visual representation of the inspection area, overlaying location-tagged UT measurements onto a dynamic map.

As inspections progress across multiple flights, the enhanced live map tracks all covered areas and identified points of interest, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient data collection.

This immediate overview allows operators to assess project completeness at a glance and effectively plan further inspection paths, crucial for precision and thoroughness in asset management.


Clean Data Meets Deep Analysis Enhancing UT Inspections

Combining the precision of the cleaning module with the sophistication of advanced data post-processing, this system redefines the approach to ultrasonic testing inspections. The cleaning module ensures surfaces are impeccably prepared for accurate data collection, while advanced data post-processing facilitates deeper analysis and refinement of UT readings. Together, they enhance the inspection process, improving both efficiency and the quality of data analysis.

Elios 3 Cleaning Module

With its dedicated cleaning module, the system revolutionizes the preparation of surfaces for ultrasonic testing by efficiently removing light deposits.

This preparation is critical for ensuring that the Elios 3 UT probe head can achieve accurate measurements on a clean surface, free from any obstructions that might interfere with data quality.

The module’s seamless integration with the drone’s location-tagging capabilities further enhances its utility, enabling precise navigation back to specific cleaned areas for subsequent measurements.

Advanced Post-Processing

Delivering an unmatched level of sophistication in ultrasonic testing, the advanced data processing capabilities of the Elios 3 UT Payload system redefines precision and reliability in industrial inspections.

With the innovative feature of retracing A-scans in the software, operators have the flexibility to verify measurements post-flight and refine them by selecting the most appropriate echo signals.

This ensures not only the accuracy of data but also enhances the confidence in every inspection conducted.




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