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Pix4D Mapping Flow Chart


PIX4Dmapper’s photogrammetry algorithms transform your ground or aerial images in digital maps and 3D point cloud models.
Process your projects on your desktop using PIX4D photogrammetry software, or bundle with PIX4Dcloud for online processing.

Flight Mission

Capture RGB, thermal, or multispectral images with any camera. Using a drone, automate flight and image-data transfer with the free PIX4Dcapture app.

PIX4D Capture And Plan Flight
Quality Report

Control, Analyze and Collaborate

Use the quality report to preview the generated results, details, and many more project quality indicators. Accurately measure distances, areas and volumes. Share project data and insights, with your team, clients, and suppliers, using standard file formats.

Flyability Elios 2 & Pix4D

A bundle is now sold in the form of a Photogrammetry Add-On that can be purchased on top of Elios 2 drone packages. Pix4D facilitates access to a coherent and complete product offering to those who want to utilize indoor 3D modeling using photogrammetry.


Barrick Gold Corporation Uses Elios 2 and Pix4D

What was once thought to be impossible is now possible with the Elios 2 Indoor Inspection Drone and Pix4D Photogrammetry Software.  Not only does the Elios 2 prevent danger or potential hazards to employees, but also saves time and unnecessary damages or loss to mining equipment. Barrick Gold Corporation was able to generate an entire photogrammetry map of their project using an Elios 2 with Pix4Dmapper to calculate the danger to miners, the risk to equipment and potential loss of ore.


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