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Fifish V6 Expert

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The Fifish V6 Expert is a High-Performance Underwater ROV with a wide range of additional accessories for navigation and more.

Fifish V6 Expert for Professional Applications

The Fifish V6 Expert is an underwater ROV with a platform that features multiple tools for enhancing your underwater missions and operations. This professional ROV can be equipped with an onshore power supply system that delivers optimal operating time. In addition, the Fifish V6 has new revolutionary navigation features.

VR Head Tracking Control

The Fifish V6 Expert provides the operator with an immersive underwater experience captured through smart VR goggles.  The operator can control the V6 Expert simply by rotating their head position, this intelligent feature is a breathtaking easy to use revolutionary experience in underwater exploration.

Head Tracking VR

Advanced Inspection Tools:

Remote Control SystemRemote Control System

Qseays’ patented computing box allows users to operate their ROVs from a remote location conveniently.

Fifish ROV Q CameraQ-Camera

A real-time video feed and onshore control with a multi-angle camera installation. Complete your primary camera with the ability to record additional views and angles underwater simultaneously.

MFE 2D Image Sonar2D Image Sonar

Locate and inspect targets in turbid or cloudy waters.

HDMI BOX 2.0HDMI Box 2.0

Livestreaming capabilities for remotely operated vehicle operations, with real-time display and storage of images and footage into external storage devices.

Controller Sun HoodController Sun Hood

A tablet holder with a durable sun hood, adjustable viewing angle and a large clamping range for an unobstructed experience.

ROV Sport Camera MountSports Camera Mount

A sports camera bracket that can be installed at the bottom or top of the Fifish ROV, delivering a convenient method to shoot from various angles.

Fifish External lighting mountExternal Lighting Mount

Flexible external light mounts to assist with underwater operations in dark environments.

Measurement Tools:

ROV Compass RulerCompass Ruler

Measure the physical size of different underwater objects as you perform underwater operationsr.

Submersible ROV Laser ScalerLaser Scaler

A high-precision laser for accurate measurements of underwater objects.

ROV Distance MeterDistance Meter

Measure the distance between the Fifish V6 and target objects.


Measure the height between the ROV and seafloor.

Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness GaugeUltrasonic Metal Thickness Gauge

Evaluate the wall thickness of steel on tanks, hulls, or other metal surfaces.

Underwater ROV HydrophoneHydrophone

Record underwater sounds from all directions. Monitor the development of the marine environment, communication between aquatic animals and more.

Navigation Tools

Underwater Quick Positioning SystemUnderwater Quick Positioning System

software and hardware eco-system providing the ROVs location in real-time, movement recordings and a three-dimensional path recording.

DVL Station LockDVL Station Lock

Hold accurate and steady positions for your professional inspections.

Ultra Short Baseline LocatorUltra Short Baseline Locator

Track and record data on the Fifish v6 Experts underwater position.

Manipulator Tools:

Underwater Retrieval HookRetrieval Hook

A Rugged hook with a robust clamp and lock function can withstand the weight and pulls of underwater objects of up to 200kg.

Fifish V6 Robotic ArmRobotic Arm

A compact and durable arm with a 100N clamping force, you can grab and salvage objects underwater with ease and strength.

ROV Mort RemoverMort Remover

For further analysis, the mort remover is specifically designed to remove and transport deceased/sick fish and other elements away from fish farms.

Underwater DozerUnderwater Dozer

The underwater dozer is designed to push and move elements out of fish farming spaces

Underwater ROV Fishing NetFishing Net

The fishing net provides the ability to catch fish across different types of waters without threat or damage.

Environmental Water Quality Tools:

Underwater ROV Mud SamplerMud Sampler

Sample a broad range of underwater sediments on the seabed.

ROV Dissolved Oxygen SensorDissolved Oxygen Sensor

Record the level of dissolved oxygen in water contents.

Salinity Sensor

Measure the value of dissolved salt in the water

ROV Turbidity SensorTurbidity Sensor

Measure the amount of light that is scattered by suspended solids in water.

ROV pH SensorpH Sensor

Measure the amount of alkalinity and acidity in water contents

ROV Water Sampler 500mlWater Sampler 500ml

With a collection capacity of 500ml and 150m sampling depth, you can collect various types of water in different underwater environments for your specific needs.


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