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Boston Dynamics Spot Robot

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A nimble robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with unprecedented ease, yet is small enough to use indoors. Built to be a rugged and customizable platform, Spot has an industry track record in remote operation and autonomous sensing.

Quadruped Robot SPOT

Spot is the quadruped robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with unprecedented ease, yet is small enough to use indoors. Built to be a rugged and customizable platform, Spot has a proven track record of supporting remote operation and autonomous sensing across a variety of industries, and is remarkably intuitive, enabling you to focus on the job you do best. Whether you are a jobsite manager, sensor developer, performer, or anything in between, Spot is the adaptable platform you need to inspect, sense, perform, and more:

  • Inspect dangerous, inaccessible, and remote environments
  • Automate data collection on your site
  • Carry payloads on unstructured or unknown terrain

Control Spot with its out-of-box controller or through the developer-friendly API. Spot’s tablet controller is designed to get you up and running quickly, with easy access to many of the robot’s capabilities, including body posing, walking gaits, obstacle avoidance, local navigation, and calibration. The tablet controller also enables the creation of basic autonomous missions through Autowalk, a feature where the user can create predefined routes for Spot to follow.

The Spot system has been audited by third-party security experts. Messages between the robot and clients, as well as all data logged by the robot, are encrypted. No data is sent to Boston Dynamics without your explicit consent.


  • Spot robot
  • x2 Spot batteries
  • Spot charger
  • Tablet controller and charger
  • Robot case for storage and transportation
  • Power case for battery and charger storage and transportation
  • Calibration panel
  • Python client packages for the Spot API’s
  • Software updates when available
  • Standard warranty



Spot autonomously navigates over or around obstacles in its path using the real-time mapping conducted by the perception system. Spot also comes equipped with Autowalk, an easy-to-use tablet feature that allows users to record and replay autonomous missions.


90 Mins


Spot can be tailored for a variety of applications. Select a Boston Dynamics or third-party payload, or design your own using our hardware and software development kits. Two payload ports provide power and communication to the robot, and the optional Spot GXP offers easy-to-use regulated power and an Ethernet connection.


14 kg

Recent Upgrades:

Spot’s Body Camera Color Update

Spot’s five stereo cameras have been upgraded to provide full-color imagery along with the existing depth information.  This change improves the operator’s ability to navigate Spots environment from the tablet or Spots remote operation software, Scout.

Full Color Body Cameras

New Tablet

Operating Spot is simplified, with a new eight-inch touchscreen and highly responsive digital joysticks to drive Spot and record missions. In addition, the tablet is lightweight, under one pound, with drop protection, weather-proofing, and supports approximately an eight-hour battery life.

SPOT New Tablet

Joystick Attachment

For the Spot Arm, an additional physical joystick attachment is available with two five-direction buttons and two bumper buttons for greater manipulation control.

New Charger

Spot has a new smarter and faster charger bringing Spot’s newest battery models to full capacity within an hour or less.  Real-time battery charge information is readily available on the OLED display.

SPOTs New Battery


Hovermap ST

Hovermap ST is a SLAM-based LiDAR system that Improves accuracy for common mapping tasks to create survey-grade scans for long, linear assets or feature-poor environments.


MFE has designed an optical gas imaging camera that can be mounted to Spot or used as a hand-held device. Now, you can utilize Spots autonomous inspection capabilities to visualize methane, propane, butane, and many other hydrocarbon gas leaks.


Teledyne FLIR MUVE C360

A compact multi-gas detector fully integrated into Boston Dynamics SPOT to enable remote monitoring of chemical hazards.


FLUKE SV600 Acoustic Imaging

The SV600 can be used as a payload accessory for Boston Dynamics Quadroped Robot SPOT, or it can be mounted for continuous monitoring of equipment.

Mount the Fluke SV600 for continuous automated process monitoring, find defects and enable alarms.

– 24/7 predictive maintenance
– Leak Detection
– Early detection of bearing failures
– Data from inaccessible locations
– Prevent line stoppages
– Continuously monitor assets in inaccessible, hazardous areas
– Provide product traceability through a network for critical data archiving, locally or in the cloud


The Rajant ES1 Mesh Network for Spot

Rajant ES1 is a smaller, lighter series of BreadCrumbs for an instamesh network ideal for Spot. The ES1 provides reliability and performance in hard-to-network environments and can work independently as a private network without relying on LTE towers.


Levatas Artificial Intelligence Models

Levatas AI Models work with visual capture platforms integrated with advanced quadruped robots and drones.

Scout Software

Scout is a teleoperations software that allows your team never to have to step foot on a dangerous site. Teleoperation enables you to control Spot from a virtual control room to collect data in real-time or follow along on Spots missions from your browser. 


(Pre-Order Only)

The new Spot CORE I/O enhances the computation and communications on the Spot platform. Connect sensors, cameras, and other payload accessories, and process the data collected into actionable insights that can be relayed to your team over 5G/LTE.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Network Radio Kit

Deploy Spot within an isolated network without the need for infrastructure. The Rajant Kinetic Radio Kit ships with a Rajant ES1 BreadCrumb radio payload that can easily mount onto Spot and includes three standalone Kinetic Mesh radios that are pre-configured to sync together out of the box for quick deployment.




Length = 1100 mm (43.3 in)

Width = 500 mm (19.7 in)

Height (standing) = 840 mm (33.1 in)

Height (sitting) = 191 mm (7.5 in)

Net weight = 32.5 kg (71.7 lbs)


WiFi 2.4Ghz b/g/n

Gigabit Ethernet


Ingress protection = IP54

Operating temperature = -20 to 45°C


Horizontal field of view = 360°

Range = 4 m (13 ft)

Lighting = > 2 Lux

Collision avoidance = maintains set distance from stationary obstacles


Max speed = 1.6 m/s

Max slope = ±30°

Max step height = 300 mm (11.8 in)


Max weight = 14 kg total (30.9 lbs)

Mounting area = 850 mm (L) x 240 mm (W) x 270m m (H)

Mounting interface = M5 T-slot rails

Connector = DB25 (2 ports)

Power supply = Unregulated DC 35-58.8V, 150W per port

Integration = Available software API and hardware interface control documentation

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