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Combining Flexibility, Stability and Intelligent Features

97° rotating tool positioning provides operators with flexible imaging options and convenient tool manipulation for a stable platform, allowing for jobs to be completed swiftly and conveniently. The 220° range of motion on the HD camera allows users to complete inspections in a timely, simplified manner.

  • The expandable tool platform allows for numerous modular options for adaptability and customization.
  • In addition to being flexible and adaptable, the PIVOT is easy to use allowing operators to be trained quickly.
  • The ideal combination of stability and flexibility lets users keep their platform in the most stable position for image options.

Powered by Bridge Technology

An intelligent, technology platform from Deep Trekker. An operating system designed with custom hardware and software; for control, integration, communication and enhances operation. The ability to fuse all sensor data into one weather proof, handheld controller. Ability to see positional data, direct sonar imaging feed and more, in a live video feed.

Deep Trekker PIVOT Components

Ready out of the box

Fully assembled, operators can depend on the PIVOT to work right out of the box.    

General Specifications
Width360 mm (14.2")
Height310 mm (12.2")
Length576 mm (22.7")
Weight (in air)16.7 kg (36.8lb)
Body materialanodized machine aluminum, carbon fiber & stainless steel, buoyancy foam
Window materialsapphire & acrylic
Depth rating305m (1,000ft)
Operating temperature-10°C - 50°C (14°F - 122°F)
CaseCustom Pelican Air 1650 - 1560 handle and wheels
Drives/Thrustermagnetically coupled/sealed
Warranty1 year parts and labor (optional 2-3 years)
Electrical System
System Voltage19.6 VDC
Battery Run Timeup to 3 hours (30-sec battery change)
Battery Recharge1.5 hours
Thruster Control6x independent control infinitely variable 100% reversible

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