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DJI Zenmuse H30 Series

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Explore the DJI Zenmuse H30 Series, featuring state-of-the-art multi-sensor payloads with exceptional thermal imaging that surpasses market standards. Equipped for precise aerial inspections and surveillance, this series delivers high-resolution thermal data and advanced features in diverse lighting and environmental conditions.


Introducing the DJI Zenmuse H30 Series Camera

Experience unparalleled aerial imaging with the DJI Zenmuse H30 Series, the ultimate multi-sensor payload designed for precision and performance. Whether it’s public safety operations, energy inspections, or asset management, the Zenmuse H30 series redefines what’s possible with aerial technology.

This flagship series integrates advanced modules, including a wide-angle camera, zoom camera, infrared thermal camera, laser range finder, and NIR auxiliary light, all housed in a robust, all-weather package with an IP54 rating, ensuring performance in diverse environmental conditions.

Compatible with DJI’s M350 and M300 drones and equipped with sophisticated intelligent algorithms, the Zenmuse H30 series pushes the boundaries of daytime and nighttime operational capabilities. Whether enhancing nighttime visibility or capturing intricate thermal details, these payloads deliver unparalleled clarity and detail.

Discover how Zenmuse H30 Series Cameras can elevate your mission capabilities, providing you with the tools to achieve more than ever before.

Zenmuse H30T Overview & Specifications

Embrace the power of integration with the Zenmuse H30T, engineered for precision and adaptability in diverse operational scenarios. This multi-sensor payload is equipped with advanced imaging and sensing technology designed to exceed the demands of day and night operations.

From detailed thermal imaging to precise distance measurements, the H30T is built to empower professionals across public safety, inspection, and environmental monitoring with tools that push the boundaries of what aerial technology can achieve.

With its advanced algorithms and versatile capabilities, the H30T ensures that critical decisions are supported by reliable and high-quality data, regardless of the operating conditions.

Powerful Infrared Capabilities

The DJI Zenmuse H30T has an advanced infrared thermal camera, a vital tool for professionals seeking enhanced situational awareness and precise environmental assessments.

This camera excels in providing clear thermal imagery that is crucial for a wide range of operational needs. Its integrated design and intuitive functionality allow users to swiftly interpret thermal data, enhancing the decision-making process across numerous scenarios.

The H30T’s capabilities ensure it is an indispensable resource for tackling complex challenges that require accurate and immediate thermal insights.


Discover the thermal imaging capabilities of the Zenmuse H30T in the slideshow below and see how it can enhance your operational effectiveness:

High Resolution Thermal Imaging

The infrared thermal camera features a high resolution of 1280×1024, quadrupling the clarity of previous models, and includes up to 32× digital zoom. This enhancement not only provides a comprehensive view of the entire scene but also the flexibility to focus on detailed areas. For in-depth analysis, the Zenmuse H30T employs an Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) Infrared Image function at increased zoom levels, maintaining sharpness and clarity in the thermal images.

High-Res Mode for Percision

The Zenmuse H30T offers three infrared gain settings to suit various observational needs: High Gain mode enhances the precision of temperature measurements, Low Gain mode broadens the temperature measurement spectrum, and the innovative High-Res mode is designed for detailed observation of objects, people, or animals with subtle temperature variations. This feature is particularly valuable for applications in security, emergency response, and search-and-rescue missions.

Simultaneous Zoom with Visual and IR Cameras

The Zenmuse H30T’s zoom and infrared thermal cameras are equipped with Link Zoom, which synchronizes visible light and thermal imaging adjustments to maintain the same viewpoint. This capability allows for side-by-side comparison of image details, speeding up the identification process and improving operational efficiency.

Temperature Measurement Range

By installing an infrared density filter, the Zenmuse H30 T’s infrared thermal camera can measure temperatures ranging from -20° C to 1600° C (-4° F to 2912° F), three times the capacity of the previous generation. This broad range is particularly valuable in firefighting and high-temperature scenarios, enabling more accurate assessment of temperature fluctuations and quicker detection of hotspots.

Zenmuse H30 Overview & Specifications

The DJI Zenmuse H30 is crafted to elevate operational efficiency with its precision-focused imaging tools. This versatile payload combines a wide-angle and powerful zoom camera, meticulously designed to capture expansive scenes and intricate details from a distance.

Unlike its counterpart, the H30T, the H30 focuses on visible light imaging, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring high-resolution visual data.

The Zenmuse H30 is ideal for a wide array of professional uses, from detailed infrastructure inspections to extensive area surveillance. Its robust design ensures reliable performance under various environmental conditions, while its advanced imaging algorithms enhance clarity and detail for critical observations.

The payload’s agility in switching between wide and zoomed views allows operators to cover large areas quickly and zoom in on points of interest with exceptional precision.

Smarter Multi-Scenario Operations

Experience enhanced imaging with the DJI Zenmuse H30 Series, tailored for diverse operational environments:

Smart Capture for Improved Imaging:
  • Adaptive Imaging: In Smart Capture mode, the H30 Series cameras automatically adjust to the ambient light brightness and dynamic range.
  • Enhanced Detail: Intelligent image algorithms ensure that photos have natural transitions between light and dark, capturing rich details even in environments with high dynamics, strong light, or low light.
Electronic Dehazing:
  • Clearer Images in Poor Conditions: Tackles smog or high atmospheric humidity using a new Electronic Dehazing function.
  • Adjustable Levels: Offers low and high dehazing settings to match different operational needs and environments, enhancing image clarity under adverse atmospheric conditions.
Enhanced Night Vision Capabilities
  • Full-Color Night Vision: Both the zoom and wide-angle cameras in the Zenmuse H30 Series are equipped with a Night Scene mode that activates in low-light conditions, significantly improving live view and recording quality.
  • Seamless Day to Night Operations: This feature ensures that operations remain efficient and accurate, even under the cover of darkness, enabling continuous and reliable functionality across all lighting conditions.
Black & White Night Vision and NIR Illumination
  • Black and White Night Vision:
    • IR Light Enhancement: The zoom camera supports IR Light for infrared enhancement in Night Scene mode, switching the live feed to a grayscale image by removing the IR filter. This enhances the contrast, making it easier to distinguish and locate subjects in low-light conditions.
  • NIR Illumination:
    • Auxiliary Light Support: When activated, the NIR auxiliary light provides additional illumination, improving visibility for the zoom camera. This feature is particularly beneficial for covert surveillance and search-and-rescue operations at night, ensuring clearer and more detailed imaging.
Enhanced Zoom and Precision Capabilities of the Zenmuse H30 Series

The Zenmuse H30 Series is equipped with advanced imaging and precise measurement features, tailored for effective performance across a range of professional environments.


  • Advanced Zoom Capabilities:
    • High-Resolution Zoom: Equipped with a 40MP zoom camera that supports up to 34× optical zoom and 400× digital zoom, enabling observation of subjects at great distances with enhanced detail.
    • Enhanced Stability: Incorporates DJI’s latest image stabilization algorithm to significantly reduce shake in telephoto footage, ensuring stable and clear images ideal for detailed inspections, such as power lines.
  • Precision Measurement Tools:
    • Extended Range Laser Finder: Features a laser range finder with a measurement range up to 3000 meters, 2.5 times greater than previous models. This tool accurately records the position information of targets, including linear distance, altitude, and GPS coordinates, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in field operations.

Robust Data Security and Management

The Zenmuse H30 Series elevates the reliability and security of aerial data management through its advanced recording and encryption features. This series ensures that operators capture and protect critical information effectively, enhancing both operational efficiency and data security.

  • Pre-Recording Support:
    • Extended Capture: All cameras, including the zoom, wide-angle, and infrared thermal models, support pre-recording, capturing footage from 10, 15, or 30 seconds before actual recording begins. This feature ensures no vital moments are missed and enhances the completeness of surveillance records.
  • Media and Transmission Encryption:
    • Secure Data: Utilizes AES-256 encryption technology for robust security of data transmission between the remote controller and the aircraft.
    • Protected Storage: The Security Code function encrypts microSD cards, safeguarding your files against unauthorized access.
    • One-click Log Clearance: Quickly clears logs to prevent potential information leaks, maintaining stringent data privacy.
  • Cloud Information Sync:
    • Real-Time Coordination: Operators can view live feeds from the Zenmuse H30 Series through DJI FlightHub 2, facilitating rapid remote command and seamless air-to-ground coordination during operations.

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