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Skydio X10

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Introducing the Skydio X10 – Skydio’s most robust compact drone, combining sophisticated AI with unparalleled cameras, adept at executing intricate missions in the dark and adverse conditions, delivering real-time insights when you need them most.

Introducing Skydio X10

The Skydio X10 is a revolutionary embodiment of compact drone technology and a game-changer in the realm of aerial intelligence. This remarkable drone harmonizes cutting-edge AI, backed by an onboard NVIDIA Jetson Orin GPU, with premium visionary cameras to execute meticulous and automated missions, even in the most challenging lighting and weather conditions. Whether it’s navigating through the silent obscurity of night, combating the uncertainties of dusty and rainy environments, or launching and flying from a browser with Skydio Remote Flight Deck, the Skydio X10 is unwavering in its commitment to delivering immediate, high-fidelity insights.

Revolutionary Imaging

The Skydio X10 surpasses its peers by offering more megapixels and superior optics than any other drone in its category. Featuring high-resolution visual and radiometric cameras within adaptable sensor packages, the Skydio X10 ensures the capture of critical details with utmost clarity and precision, tailoring its capabilities to meet the unique demands of your mission.

Sensors Tailored For Your Mission:
Sensor Type Focal Length (eq.) Resolution Aperture Field of View Sensitivity
Narrow Camera 46 mm 64 MP f/1.8 50° N/A
Telephoto Camera 190 mm 48 MP f/2.2 13° N/A
Radiometric Thermal Camera 60 mm 640 x 512 px N/A 41° <30 mK
Sensor Type Focal Length (eq.) Resolution Aperture Field of View Sensitivity Luminous Flux
Narrow Camera 46 mm 64 MP f/1.8 50° N/A N/A
1″ Wide Camera 20 mm 50 MP f/1.95 93° N/A N/A
Radiometric Thermal Camera 60 mm 640 x 512 px N/A 41° <30 mK N/A
Flashlight N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A up to 2800 lumens

Put the entire scene in focus for mid-distance shots.

Taken with the VT300-Z Narrow camera module

Detect a 0.1mm crack in concrete under a bridge, in low light.

Taken with the VT300-L 1″ Wide module and onboard light

Read a license plate from 800 feet.

Taken with the VT300-Z Telephoto lens

High Resolution Thermal Imaging Sensitivity on a hot day

Taken with Radiometric Thermal Boson+ sensor.

Detect people on a roof in darkness

Taken with Radiometric Thermal Boson+ sensor.

Skydio X10 Camera Show Case

Explore the diverse capabilities of Skydio X10 with examples from the VT300-Z Narrow Camera, VT300-L Wide View, VT300-Z Telephoto Lens, and the new FLIR Boson+ Sensor. Each sensor serves a unique purpose, providing solutions for different photographic needs. The FLIR Boson+ showcases its versatility with clear imagery in high temperatures and total darkness, exemplifying its reliability across various conditions. This showcase offers a glimpse into the practical applications and advanced functionality of Skydio X10’s varied sensor suite.

NightSense: Autonomous Flight In The Dark

The Skydio X10, already a groundbreaking entity in the drone industry, elevates its capabilities further with the attachment of the NightSense payload, allowing autonomous flight to break the barriers of light and delve into the unseen landscapes of the night. This enhancement is not just an evolution; it’s an industry-first revelation that ensures 24/7 operational confidence, even in absolute darkness. NightSense, utilizing both visible and infrared illumination, enables the X10 to meticulously avoid obstacles, interpret its surroundings, and make precise decisions consistently. The payload incorporates IR Nav Cam and Illuminator for stealth navigation, and a Visible Light Nav Cam and Illuminator for comprehensive 360-degree illumination, guaranteeing dependable navigation in nocturnal environments. This fusion of innovative technology and versatile Visible/IR light module equips the Skydio X10 for exceptional autonomous flights in the dark, reinforcing its stature as a revolutionary figure in drone operations.

Flight Control Options:


Strategize, implement, and assess any mission effortlessly with the Skydio X10 Controller and Flight Deck, our streamlined flight application designed for optimal functionality.

Remote Flight Application

With Skydio Remote Flight Deck, launch and fly directly from a browser to gain an additional perspective on any situation and conveniently hand over control to an offsite pilot anytime. This allows the remote pilot, from any location, to use a browser and seamlessly continue the operation right where the onsite pilot initiated the handoff, ensuring fluidity and control in every mission.

Skydio X10 Modular Platform

With its modular sensor packages and four distinct attachment areas, the Skydio X10 is highly adaptable and swiftly accommodating to the ever-evolving demands of diverse missions. Users have the flexibility to mount a range of equipment, including parachutes, microphones, spotlights, and more, allowing a maximum payload of 12 oz. Whether it’s improving visibility during nighttime operations with a spotlight, enabling communication and coordination in high-risk situations with a speaker and mic, or ensuring safe flying over people with a specially designed parachute provided by AVSS, the Skydio X10 is customizable to meet the specific needs of your mission. Additionally, the incorporation of RTK GPS empowers users with exceptional accuracy.

Skydio X10 Accessories:

Enhanced visibility throughout operations conducted at night.

Communicate and coordinate using the drone’s speaker and microphone in high-risk situations.

Formulated to align with the safety protocols for aerial navigation above people, provided by AVSS.

Secure extraordinary exactitude for precision mapping and data gathering.

NightSense leverages both visible and IR (Infrared) light, enhancing the Skydio X10’s navigational capabilities in low-light conditions and enabling precise and reliable navigation in the dark. This feature is essential for operations that require seamless functionality regardless of the lighting conditions, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of the drone during nighttime operations.


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