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NDT Inspection Equipment

MFE Inspection Solutions is one of the world’s leading distributors of non-destructive testing equipment. With our vast selection of premium-quality NDT equipment, you can push your company forward while ensuring your employees’ safety while on the job.

But what even is NDT testing? And how can an MFE Inspection Solutions device help with it?

What Is Non-Destructive Testing?

NDT testing examines the different aspects of building materials to search for defects and ensure structural integrity. For example, an NDT test can spot corrosion, stress cracks, conductivity, and thickness in various materials.

The biggest advantage NDT testing has over destructive testing is that it scans for harmful defects without destroying or weakening the structure, saving you money and time.

Uses For NDT Testing

With the quality control offered by NDT equipment from MFE Inspection Solutions, you can spot several structural flaws in many different types of standard construction materials without disassembling the equipment, including:

  • Ultrasonic noise testing to scan for shifts in gearboxes and moving machinery
  • Leak detection to spot structural flaws in components like pipes and valves
  • Radiography scans to gauge the density of sheet materials and webs

Scanning for these flaws, and many others that NDT testing will catch, will help keep your machinery running smoothly without undetected issues.

Nondestructive Testing Equipment Rentals

MFE Inspection Solutions saves you money by selling top RVI and NDT equipment for a competitive rate while offering rentals for companies with a temporary need. With everything from Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges to Material Testing Equipment, Ground Penetrating Radar, and top industrial drone equipment, MFE Inspection Solutions has the tool you need for every job.  Let us help you find the best inspection solution for your business.