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DJI Dock 2 transforms automated aerial missions with its ‘drone in a box’ system, designed for simplicity and efficiency.



Introducing the Future of Automated Aerial Missions: DJI Dock 2

Step into the future of drone technology with the introduction of DJI Dock 2. This advanced system is designed to transform the execution of aerial missions, making autonomous drone operations simpler and more efficient.

DJI Dock 2, a compact yet powerful ‘drone in a box’ solution, integrates flawlessly with DJI FlightHub 2, enabling streamlined flight management and real-time monitoring.

Suited for a broad array of applications, including surveying, inspections, asset management, and security, DJI Dock 2 is set to change the game, making sophisticated drone operations more accessible and easier to manage. Join us as we explore how DJI Dock 2 can enhance your operational effectiveness.

Light Weight Design and Site Evaluation

DJI Dock 2 stands out for its lightweight build and rapid site evaluation capabilities, streamlining the deployment process like never before. Weighing just 75 pounds and boasting compact dimensions, it can be easily transported and set up by just two people, significantly reducing installation costs and effort.

Before deployment, Dock 2 employs advanced vision sensors to assess the site, ensuring optimal GNSS signal strength for precise flight paths. This innovation cuts site evaluation time from hours to minutes, enabling faster, more efficient mission starts.

Stay Informed with Abnormal Condition Notifications

DJI Dock 2 enhances operational reliability with its advanced abnormal condition notifications feature. In the event of task failures or emergencies, DJI FlightHub 2 promptly sends out email alerts, allowing operators to quickly identify and address issues. This crucial feedback mechanism ensures that any disruptions are managed effectively, minimizing downtime and maintaining the flow of mission-critical operations.

IP55 Weather Proof

DJI Dock 2 is engineered for protection and durability. Featuring an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance, Dock 2 ensures consistent operation over long periods, even within demanding and harsh environmental conditions.

Environmental Monitoring System

DJI Dock 2 incorporates a variety of sensors, such as those for detecting rainfall, wind speed, and temperature, allowing it to monitor weather conditions in real time. Paired with online weather forecasts, it can issue prompt alerts or halt flight operations through DJI FlightHub 2, significantly minimizing flight-related risks.

Enhanced Landing Precision

Equipped with advanced image recognition technology, the aircraft precisely detects positioning markers on the landing pad. Moreover, the landing pad’s innovative slide-ramp centering design enhances the accuracy of landings.


Enhanced Reliability with Built-in Backup Battery and Extended Maintenance Intervals

The DJI Dock 2 sets a new standard for operational dependability, featuring a built-in backup battery designed to ensure uninterrupted service. This critical component allows DJI Dock 2 to continue functioning seamlessly for over five hours in the event of a power outage, providing ample time for the drone to return safely and land.

Complementing this feature, DJI Dock 2 boasts an impressive six-month maintenance interval. This extended period between required maintenance checks not only underscores the system’s robustness and reliability but also significantly reduces the operational costs associated with frequent upkeep.

Together, these features embody DJI’s commitment to delivering solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also practical and reliable for continuous commercial use.

Matrice 3D/3TD Designed for Dock II

The Matrice 3D/3TD drones are at the cutting edge of DJI’s technological advancements, specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the DJI Dock 2.

These drones embody the pinnacle of efficiency and precision, crafted to support a wide range of aerial tasks from detailed surveying and mapping to critical security and inspection operations.

Engineered with DJI Dock 2 in mind, the Matrice 3D/3TD models bring forth an optimized compatibility that enhances automated flight missions, offering an exceptional level of performance and reliability.

As we explore more about these sophisticated drones, you’ll discover how they’re not just complementing the DJI Dock 2 but redefining the capabilities of aerial operations altogether.

Cloud Mapping and Flight Route Editor

The Matrice 3D/3TD introduces a paradigm shift in conducting aerial missions with its advanced cloud mapping and flight route editor capabilities.

Upon completing a flight task, DJI FlightHub 2 crafts high-precision 3D models from the collected data, providing an authentic restoration of the operating environment. This allows for detailed annotations, measurements, and downloading for further analysis.

The flight route editor empowers operators to visually edit flight paths from a first-person perspective, utilizing these 3D models to enhance planning accuracy and operational intuitiveness.

Streamline Operations with Matrice 3D/3TD

Explore the specialized functionalities of the Matrice 3D/3TD, enhancing your operational workflow with targeted features for comprehensive mission management. Paired with DJI Dock 2, these drones bring specialized features to the forefront of aerial surveying and inspections.

Key Features

  • AI Spot-Check: Automates angle adjustments for precise, consistent captures across flights.
  • FlyTo Tasks: Plans optimal routes automatically using 3D models for efficient and safe navigation.
  • Obstacle Bypass: Employs advanced sensing to navigate around obstacles, ensuring uninterrupted missions.

DJI Matrice 3D

The Matrice 3D drone elevates aerial imaging with its dual-camera system, combining wide-angle and telephoto lenses for versatile, high-resolution captures.

Ideal for precise mapping and detailed inspections, this setup delivers exceptional image quality and accuracy.

Camera Specifications

  • Wide-Angle Camera: Utilizes a 4/3 CMOS sensor, offering 20MP of effective pixels and a mechanical shutter for capturing broad, detailed scenes.
  • Tele Camera: Features a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor, providing 12MP of effective pixels with a 162mm equivalent focal length, perfect for focused, long-distance imaging.

DJI Matrice 3TD

The Matrice 3TD stands out as a premier inspection tool. It integrates a sophisticated camera system that includes wide-angle, telephoto, and infrared capabilities.

Equipped with this trio, the DJI Matrice 3TD excels in capturing detailed images and thermal data for complete environmental assessments.

Camera Specifications

  • Wide-Angle Camera: Features a 1/1.32-inch CMOS sensor, achieving 48MP effective pixels for capturing wide, highly detailed images.
  • Tele Camera: Utilizes a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor with 12MP effective pixels and a 162mm format equivalent focal length, perfect for detailed, focused observations.
  • Infrared Camera: Offers thermal imaging with a 40mm format equivalent focal length, supporting both normal mode (640×512@30fps) and UHR infrared image mode (1280×1024@30fps) with 28x digital zoom, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions and through obstructions.

Quick Takeoff

DJI Dock 2 features dual RTK antennas for swift acquisition of precise Return-To-Home (RTH) location data, bypassing the usual wait for RTK data convergence. Additionally, it conducts a thorough propeller inspection and achieves takeoff readiness in as little as 45 seconds, promptly reaching operational status.

Quick Charging

DJI Dock 2 rapidly recharges the aircraft, boosting the battery from 20% to 90% in merely 32 minutes, ensuring swift power replenishment for continuous operations.



Dual-Camera Monitoring

DJI Dock 2 is equipped with both an internal and external fisheye camera for live display capabilities. This setup enables detailed monitoring of both the interior and exterior environments of the dock, giving operators the ability to remotely track weather changes, surrounding conditions, and the aircraft’s takeoff and landing activities.




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