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When you need to inspect dark, wet tanks, vessels and pipes with limited access, reach for the TankMaster PTZ550 or TankMaster PTZ275.

This next-generation robotic camera from MFE Enterprises combines variable zoom video with multi-mode illumination in on of the most compact pan/tilt packages available. Engineered specifically for tank, pipe and vessel inspection, PTZ550 & PTZ275 travels up to 250 ft on a flexible tether. It passes through openings narrower than 3 inches and submerges to depths of 100 ft. A sophisticated operator interface makes using PTZ550 & PTZ275 simple and intuitive. It comes in a fully operational case with wifi capability, cable storage, waterproof outlets, tablet with video and photo capabilities and much more!



  • Wifi Capable to Android or IOS
  • Waterproof Polyurethane Cable, in lengths to 250′, tolerates abrasion, caustic chemical and tight bends
  • Sealed connector mates with simple twist
  • 360* Camera Pan grants full circumferential view of vessel internals. Four selectable pan speeds enable moving inspection at varying zoom settings
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction tolerates most chemicals. O-ring seals yield 100′ submersion rating
  • 40:1 Variable Zoom fill monitor screen with small, distant objects
  • 1/4″ IT CCD (380,000 pixels) yields HTV resolution of 470 lines for exceptionally crisp video
  • +- 100* Camera Tilt grants full view of vessel lid, walls and base
  • Spot and Flood lamps (2 each) illuminate targets as far away as 8 ft, or 40ft in interline transfer mode


MFE Rentals TankMaster PTZ275 Product Brochure

MFE Rentals TankMaster PTZ550Product Brochure



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