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DJI Matrice 350 RTK

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The Matrice 350 RTK: Exceptional flight performance, advanced features, and reliability for professionals across industries.

Introducing The Matrice 350 RTK

The Matrice 350 RTK is a groundbreaking aerial platform that sets a new aerial performance and reliability standard. Combining exceptional flight performance with advanced features and robust construction, this cutting-edge drone empowers professionals across various industries. Engineered to excel in demanding environments, it boasts an impressive maximum flight time of 55 minutes and an IP55 protection rating. With advanced features like the O3 Enterprise Transmission, enhanced battery system, and comprehensive safety features, the Matrice 350 RTK enables professionals to tackle diverse challenges with confidence, delivering exceptional results across industries.

Ensuring Unwavering Stability with the New Transmission System

Equipped with the O3 Enterprise Transmission system, the Matrice 350 RTK guarantees unwavering stability in connectivity. With triple channel 1080p HD live feed and a transmission range of up to 20 km (12.43 miles), this advanced system ensures a reliable and uninterrupted connection. In addition, the drone’s four-antenna design and improved anti-interference algorithm further enhance the stability of the transmission, delivering seamless communication and exceptional performance.

Enhanced Flight Safety

Equipped with an arm lock indicator, night-vision FPV camera, 6-directional sensing and positioning system, CSM Radar, and multi-layered redundancy design, the Matrice 350 RTK prioritizes flight safety. These features enable clear visibility at night, comprehensive obstacle detection and avoidance.

Powerful GNSS & RTK Module

With an upgraded GNSS chip, the Matrice 350 RTK offers better signal reception and supports a wider range of satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo. The new RTK module in the Matrice 350 RTK supports the GPS L5 band. This means that it can quickly and easily establish a more accurate and reliable RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) fix. In simpler terms, it improves the drone’s ability to determine its precise position, making the overall navigation and positioning process faster and more efficient.

Upgraded Battery System

The Matrice 350 RTK is equipped with an upgraded battery system that utilizes the TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery and the BS65 Battery Station. This next-generation battery station is designed with eight TB65 battery ports, four WB37 battery ports, one USB-C maintenance port, one USB-C charging port, and one USB-A charging port. With this intelligent battery management system, you can conveniently charge two aircraft batteries, one RC battery (WB37), and one RC Plus simultaneously. Moreover, when connected to the RC Plus, the battery station offers valuable battery health information, facilitating efficient monitoring and maintenance practices. The TB65 Battery, with a lifespan of approximately 400 charge cycles, is capable of self-heating in low temperatures, allowing for reliable performance even in challenging environments. Additionally, the battery system enables charging without the need to wait for cooling, as long as the ambient temperature remains below 37℃. This upgraded battery system ensures extended flight time, reliable power management, and minimizes downtime, making it an essential component of the Matrice 350 RTK.

New Control Experience

Featuring a 7-inch high-brightness screen, IP54 rating, and compatibility with the DJI Pilot 2 app, the Matrice 350 RTK offers an enhanced control experience. Its high-quality display, wide operating temperature range (-20 to 50℃), and intuitive app support enable seamless operation and situational awareness. The Matrice 350 RTK is designed to work seamlessly with the DJI RC Plus remote controller, providing a reliable and ergonomic control interface. The RC Plus features a long-lasting battery life of up to 6 hours with the WB37 battery, ensuring extended operation and minimizing downtime. Together, these features empower professionals to have precise control and access to crucial flight information for efficient and effective mission execution.

Gimbal Configurations and Versatile Payload Capacity of the Matrice 350 RTK

The Matrice 350 RTK is a versatile aerial platform designed to meet diverse industry needs. With a maximum payload capacity of 2.7 kg, it supports a range of gimbal configurations, including single downward gimbal, dual downward gimbals, and single upward gimbal. This flexibility allows professionals to customize their payload setups according to specific mission requirements. Whether it’s capturing high-resolution imagery from different angles or conducting aerial inspections, the Matrice 350 RTK provides the flexibility and stability needed to achieve exceptional results in various scenarios. The E-Port open interface further enhances its capabilities by ensuring compatibility with both OSDK and PSDK interfaces, expanding the range of functions and possibilities for professionals in their operations.

Payload Accessories:

H20T Thermal Imaging Hybrid

Introducing the Zenmuse H20 Series, a revolutionary hybrid sensor solution that redefines mission efficiency for commercial drone applications. With its integrated design and intelligent features, this multi-sensor payload delivers unparalleled aerial imaging capabilities. Capture every detail up close or from a distance with a 20 MP zoom camera and a 12 MP wide camera. Measure distances accurately with a laser rangefinder (LRF) reaching up to 1200 m away. The H20T variant includes an additional 640×512 px radiometric thermal camera, expanding its capabilities further. Experience the power of all the sensors you need in one compact package with the Zenmuse H20 Series.

Zenmuse p1 Aerial Photogrammetry


Unlock extraordinary efficiency and remarkable accuracy with the Zenmuse P1 for your aerial surveying needs. This drone payload integrates a full-frame sensor with interchangeable fixed-focus lenses, offering centimeter-accurate data and the ability to cover large areas in a single flight. With its robust versatility and advanced features, such as the TimeSync 2.0 system and Smart Oblique Capture, the Zenmuse P1 sets a new benchmark for photogrammetry missions.

Zenmuse L1 Camera

Experience exceptional efficiency and unparalleled accuracy with the Zenmuse L1, a comprehensive Lidar + RGB solution for aerial surveying. This advanced payload combines a Livox Lidar module, high-accuracy IMU, and a 1-inch CMOS camera on a stabilized gimbal. With real-time 3D data capture, the Zenmuse L1 enables detailed mapping of complex structures and delivers highly accurate reconstructed models. Benefit from its exceptional point cloud generation, centimeter-level accuracy, and versatility in various environmental conditions. The Zenmuse L1 is ready to empower your surveying operations day and night.

Experience superior night vision capabilities with the Zenmuse H20N. Designed for search and rescue operations, this hybrid camera integrates starlight sensors into its zoom and wide-angle cameras, along with dual thermal cameras and a laser rangefinder. With features like intelligent tracking, high-resolution grid photos, and panoramic capture, the H20N enhances situational awareness and enables precise operations. Its night vision capabilities, powerful zoom, and accurate laser rangefinder make it an ideal choice for firefighting, search and rescue, law enforcement, powerline inspection, and oil and gas applications. Trust the Zenmuse H20N to deliver exceptional performance in low-light environments.

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