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Training CoursesMFE offers training courses in MFL Inspection. Sign up today!

MFL Training Course

Our 40-hour MFL Training Class takes place at our headquarters in Dripping Springs, Texas. As a family-owned company, MFE is proud to offer students hands-on instruction directly from the Duke family. Instructors include Bryan Duke who has years of experience in the magnetic flux leakage technique as applied to oil country tubular goods, pipeline inspection, and tank floor inspection.

MFL Training classes are limited to 12 students per session. Each class is divided into smaller rotating groups to ensure a beneficial learning experience. The course rotates between classroom instruction, shop demonstrations, and hands-on training on 28 ft tanks on site. Testing consists of 20 quizzes, one final exam, and a practical test. The curriculum meets the standards set by API 653 Annex G and SNT TC1A.


Classes are Monday–Friday 8 AM–5:00 PM
Lunch is provided every day


MFE Enterprises
150 Holder Lane
Dripping Springs, Texas 78620
(outside Austin, TX)

Have a question? Email Bryan Duke at for more information.

Hear from our Customers

I have been using MFE equipment, training and rental services for the entirety of my 12-year career which has spanned from an assistant to an Inspection Manager. From a vendor standpoint MFE Enterprises and MFE Inspection Solutions have always delivered the highest quality customer service and have gone out of their way on numerous occasions to make sure that my projects have gone off without a hitch when I’ve requested their services. On the equipment side, I can’t remember any incident in the field where equipment failed that was caused by manufacturing defects. The equipment we have received has always been of exceptional quality and performed flawlessly. I do not want to say that they are without flaws but, with proper maintenance and a little extra care from technicians, these machines have the potential to outlast their competitors.
As a final highlight of my opinion on MFE Companies as a whole I would say this, MFE is an honest, customer focused company that provides exceptional service when called upon. In an ever-shifting industry, MFE has kept up with market demands and is a top-tier provider for anyone looking for equipment and training solutions.
Austin Thomas

Tank Inspection Manager, Superior Integrity Services

DJA Inspection Services, Inc. has been completing above ground storage tank inspections utilizing magnetic flux leakage (MFL) on take bottoms for the last 34 years. We used multiple different manufacturers of this application for the first four years in business before purchasing our first MFE Enterprises Mark I. Since then, we have solely used MFE Enterprises units. We have purchased 41 (floor scanners and Edge scanners) units from MFE Enterprises over the last 30 years. We will continue to purchase additional units as we grow and replace the current MFE units with the newest scanners, Mark IV and Edge Scanner.

The reason that DJA Inspection Services, Inc. will only use MFE Enterprises is simple. The proprietary technology that MFE Enterprises utilizes is the only MFL unit on the market that can provide a 100% reliable scan every time. DJA Inspection Services, Inc. completes over 900 internal tank inspections annually; integrity is the number one selling point when it comes to inspections. To maintain the level of integrity that we demand and our customers desire, DJA Inspection Services, Inc. will only use proven and reliable equipment such as the MFE Enterprises MFL floor scanning units.

Andrew Boley

President, DJA Inspection Services, Inc.

The MFE Enterprises 40-hour class is the most in-depth, detailed and substantive class offered in the MFE discipline today. It offers information that is specific to tanks, but also is informative to general applications of MFE/MFL, including wire rope and piping inspections. The most important aspect of this training is how it is taught. The method is taught, and strengths and limitations are well detailed and trained to understand how to professionally perform the inspection and give the customer the best output of the method.

This is a family-owned business, and the honesty, common-man presentation is plainly presented, without embellishment or misrepresentation of the product or method. These people care that you have a deep understanding, can competently perform the inspection at a higher than minimum level.

It was definitely worth every penny. If you will invest in this class and yourself, with this specific training. It will meaningfully advance your deep understanding, professional development, and most of all, lead you to rewarding relationships with your customers.

Michael Magerkurth

NDT/NDE/NDI Consultant

The MFE class was very organized and designed.The classroom theory classes were outstanding – the instructors were very experienced and knowledgeable. Very great hands-on training with all MFL tank bottom scan tools – Mark 4, Mark 3, Mark 2 1212 and 2412. I personally qualified on the new lightweight Mark 4 tool. Very well designed, durable and accurate. Classes very thorough and informative, with well-designed computer testing after each training module.

Roger Stingen

Senior Inspector, Albermarle Corporation

In addition to having developed scanners that rival the competition in terms of performance, durability and reliability, their impeccable customer service is beyond compare.

Every department throughout their organization is filled with team members who put a personal touch on ensuring specific needs are met with precision and care.  

Examples range from; being able to call on them to troubleshoot scanner functions while on a critical job that’s spilled over to the weekend, to having addition rental resources available at a moment’s notice, to coming down to provide an impromptu scanner deep cleaning tutorial/refresher (paramount to extending component life), to literally meeting halfway up the highway to aid with shipping costs, just to name a brief few.  But the list is endless.  These are personal accounts I’ve experienced while working with the great men and women of MFE. 

Our working relationship is one that instills confidence, knowing that MFE is here for us to rely on.  Moreover, this aids in assuring our successful performance of duty to our customers.    

Thanks for all that you do, MFE!!!

Bianca D. Travis

Division Manager – Tanks, Acuren

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