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X3 Ultrasonic Crawler Scanner

We are pleased to introduce our new X3 scanning system. This is a lightweight and compact tank inspection system with maximum portability without sacrificing the performance and speed of the scanner. Optional UT Instruments allow you to capture A-scans for your report in EXCEL or any other reporting form. Compatible with Danatronics Echo-9 or Olympus 38DL for B-scan encoding. Also compatible with any UT instrument, if you only want to record A-scans, just let us know which UT fittings are required. No training is necessary as this system is software free. Just plug it in and get started!

New Fast, Portable Design

The X3s controller module is now only the size of your hand for a more simplistic setup. In addition, the cables are manufactured to be more lightweight than older market UT crawlers making the X3s scanning system easier to load and unload.


For more information regarding the X3 UT Scanner, contact one of our MFE sales specialists.

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