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DJI Matrice M30

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The Matrice 30 series is lightweight, reliable, and easy to deploy with faster speeds, more weather resistance, and new technologies to improve the quality of drone inspections.


Matrice 30 Series

The Matrice 30 integrates several advanced optical sensors into a small compact lightweight drone.

Compact Design & Quick Deployment

Designed to easily be transported in a vehicle alongside other equipment the quick gimbal lock and aircraft dimensions give the M30 the ability to be deployed quickly and efficiently, while still maintaining the integrity of the drone.


  • Quick arm-lock mechanism
  • Landing gear built-in
  • The battery locking mechanism ensures successful hot-swapping
  • Does not require payload calibration on the startup
M30 Compact Design
M30T Camera Sensor1

M30T Camera

The M30s Wide and Zoom Camera work together to support up to a 200x maximum zoom and includes a self-heating function that can remove fog during cold weather conditions. In addition, the thermal camera, which is only available with the M30T, has new and improved features giving you the ability to isolate thermal irregularities.

Obstacle Avoidance

The M30 comes with Dual vision and Infrared ToF sensors on all six sides of the aircraft.  Equipped with Anti-collision beacons and a customizable break distance, the M30 offers more protection and ensures safe flight.

Safety Features:

  • DJI AirSense (ADS-B in)
  • Three-prop emergency landing
  • Arm-lock detection
  • Dual battery lock (hot-swappable batteries)
  • Health Management System


Obstacle Avoidance M30 Sensor

Enterprise Transmission

The M30 designed with four antennas for enhanced transmission has a 9.3-mile transmission range as well as two additional antennas on the bottom of the aircraft for better signal reception.

DJI Remote Control Plus

  • 8-Core chip, 4x CPU and 7x GPU power compared to Smart Controller Enterprise
  • Dual RC capability
  • Battery Life: 6 hrs with WB37
  • Dual detachable antennas with MCX port
Matrice 30T Remote Control

BS30 Battery Station

The Matrice 30 drone battery charging station has 3 different charging modes.

Standard Mode
  • Each pair is charged to 100% in sequence (will self-discharge)
  • 50 min from 0 to 100%
Ready-To-Fly Mode
  • Each pair is charged to 90% in sequence and kept at 90%
  • 30 min from 20% to 90%
Storage Mode
  • Each pair is charged and kept at 50%
MFE m30t battery station

Remote & Autonomous Accessories:


DJI Dock

The M30 Series Dock is a remote and automated deployment station that pairs with the M30 series drone and FlightHub 2, supporting flight missions up to 40minutes and effectively covering a range of 4.34-mile radius from the Dock Module. With an internal TEC air-conditioner, the Dock can regulate optimal working temperatures for changes in weather conditions.


FlightHub 2 Remote Operations

FlightHub 2 is a drone operations management system that helps achieve remote real-time situational awareness, plan drone missions, supervise your fleet, and manage the data you create within a secure cloud-based environment.


Live Operations
  • 2.5D Base Map
  • Cloud Mapping
  • Live Video Stream
  • Ground-To-Cloud Synergy
  • Cloud Mapping
  • One-Tap Panorama Sync
  • Crew Management
Automated Drone Deployment & Routine Operations
  • DJI Dock
  • Media Management
  • Route Planning
  • Flight Scheduling
  • Device Management
  • Maintenance



collapse DJI M30 accordion
M30 Specifications

M30 Series Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH)Extended: 470x585x215 mm | 19x23x9 inches
Folded: 365x215x195 mm | 14x9x8 inches
Weight (with batteries)3.77 kg | 8.31 lbs
Flight Time41 min
IP RatingIP55
Operating Temperature-20℃ to 50℃ | -4°F to 122°F
Zoom Camera1/2" CMOS, 48MP, x5-x16 Optical Zoom, x200 Max Zoom
Wide Camera1/2" CMOS, 12MP
Thermal Camera640*512@30Hz (M30T)
RTK CapabilitySupports D-RTK2 & NTRIP
Max Wind Resistance15 m/s | 33 mph
Max Speed23 m/s | 51 mph
Obstacle Sensing6 directional dual Vision + TOF

M30 Performance

M30 Series Performance
Max Flight Time41 minutes
Wind Resistance33 mph
Max Speed51 mph
Service Ceiling2,300ft

M30T Camera
M30 Series Cameras Specifications
Wide Camera
Equivalent Focal Length 24mm, DOFV:84°
CMOS Sensor 12MP 1/2″
Video Resolution 4K/30fps
Zoom Camera
CMOS Sensor 48 MP 1/2″
Optical Zoom 5×-16×
Max. Hybrid Zoom 200×
Photo Resolution 8K
Video Resolution 4K/30fps
Thermal Imaging Camera
Equivalent Focal Length 40 mm
Resolution 640×512
Frame Rate 30fps
Measurement Accuracy ±2°C or ±2%
Laser Rangefinder
Range 3 m – 1200 m
Accuracy ±(0.2m+D×0.15%)

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