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MFL Inspection Equipment For Rent

MFE Inspection Solutions provides cutting-edge MFL scanners for rent, engineered by MFE Enterprises, the sister company of MFE Inspection Solutions. These high-quality scanners use advanced magnetic field technology to detect and locate surface and subsurface defects, such as corrosion and pitting, enabling early detection and proactive maintenance of pipelines, tanks, and pressure vessels.

One of the most notable features of MFE Inspection Solutions’ MFL scanners is their map-building capability, which can be extremely helpful in tracking changes or detecting anomalies in large structures such as storage tanks. With this capability, inspectors can easily identify and track any potential defects or areas of concern over time. Moreover, the software can generate comprehensive reports and visual representations of the scanned area, aiding in making informed decisions about maintenance or repair actions.

MFE Inspection Solutions’ MFL scanners are renowned for their precision, reliability, and accuracy and are trusted by industries around the world. They are indispensable tools for ensuring the safety and integrity of metal structures. Renting an MFE Inspection Solutions MFL scanner allows you to benefit from the latest technology and expertise without the need for a long-term investment.

In addition to offering MFL scanners for sale and rent, MFE Inspection Solutions also provides comprehensive training courses to help users make the most of their equipment. One such course is the MFL training course, which provides training on how to use MFE’s MFL scanners and how to interpret the data they produce. This course is particularly beneficial for those looking to obtain an API 653 Annex G certificate, which is required for those involved in the inspection and maintenance of above-ground storage tanks. With this certification, inspectors can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in using MFL technology to identify and evaluate corrosion in metal structures, ensuring that these structures remain safe and reliable over time.

Contact MFE Inspection Solutions today to rent an MFL scanner and experience the difference in your inspection and maintenance procedures.

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