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Elios 3 RAD Payload

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A remote radiation detection and localization payload sensor powered by Mirion Technologies

Radiation Surveying with Elios 3 RAD Payload

The Elios 3 RAD payload is much more than just a flying dosimeter; it is a powerful radiation surveying tool. With its comprehensive features and capabilities, it goes beyond simple radiation measurements. During flight, the Elios 3 RAD payload provides a comprehensive in-flight radiation reading. It offers an instant reading of the current and cumulative dose rate, along with maximum recorded values and measurement history. This allows users to understand measurement trends clearly and easily identify areas with high radiation sources.

Post Flight 3D Radiation Survey Data

After the flight, the Elios 3 RAD payload continues to deliver valuable insights. All the measurements captured by the sensor during the flight are recorded, along with visual and mapping information. In the post-processing stage, the drone’s trajectory is colorized based on the instant dose rate reading. This enables precise localization of radiation sources on a 3D map of the asset, aiding in the characterization of hotspots and facilitating further analysis.

Reputable Technology and Swappable Sensor Compatibility

Critical applications like radiation surveying should not be left to uncertainties. To provide our clients with the most reliable information, we partnered with Mirion Technologies to develop the Elios 3 RAD payload. From µSv/h to Sv/h, we rely on the most reputable technology. Additionally, the Elios 3 RAD payload is compatible with every RDS-32 WR sensor that you have, enabling seamless swapping as needed. This feature ensures that you can comply with sensors’ maintenance and calibration requirements without interrupting your operations.

RDS-32 WR sensors used in conjunction with an Elios 3 should be properly configured according to the recommendations made by Flyability and local legal regulations. Not following this recommendation can impact the quality and reliability of the data captured.


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