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Emesent – Hovermap ST

This product has been discontinued. Our recommended replacements: Zenmuse L2

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Hovermap ST is a SLAM-based multi-use mobile LiDAR scanning solution capable of survey-grade mapping and georeferenced point clouds with autonomous functionality.

Hovermap ST (SLAM) Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Hovermap ST Improves accuracy for common mapping tasks and, with GCP, can be used to create survey-grade scans for long, linear assets or feature-poor environments that have previously been challenging for other SLAM-based systems.

A compact design

The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry when scanning on foot and offers longer flight time when used on a drone.

Survey-grade control & georeferenced point clouds

Hovermap ST’s precision engineering, Emersent’s world-class Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), and automated ground control feature provide dense, shadow-free, survey-grade point clouds of entire assets. Ground control also automatically georeferences point clouds to survey control.

Weather Resistant

The rugged, weather-resistant, IP65-rated Hovermap is dust and splash-proof, so you can create maps in harsh environments, rain or shine. Hovermap’s resistance to moisture makes it ideal for use in underground mines.

Autonomous Tap-To-Fly

Hovermap ST’s Tap-To-Fly feature allows exploration of previously inaccessible areas beyond the line of sight and communication range and access to unprecedented insights from a tablet. Omnidirectional collision avoidance, guided exploration, and smart Return-to-Home capabilities ensure assets remain safe and valuable equipment is not damaged or lost.

Hovermap ST transmits a live point cloud to the Hovermap app and previews the data in real-time as it is collected within communication range. That way, you can exit the site knowing you’ve captured everything you need.

Autonomy Levels

Mobile Mapping Mode

Mapping mode provides fast, accurate, high-resolution mobile scanning of environments where drone autonomy is not necessary. In addition, Hovermap ST’s quick-release mechanism allows you to easily switch from a drone to handheld scanning.

Pilot Assist Mode

Pilot Assist Mode offers omnidirectional collision avoidance, GPS-denied flight capability and stability control, providing confidence and stability for accurate and thorough inspections. It acts as a safety bubble for your drone, protecting the asset and your equipment.

Autonomous Waypoints

Autonomous Waypoint Mode enables beyond-line-of-sight flights through Smart Waypoints and guided exploration. Just tap on the map to set smart waypoints, and Hovermap ST will take care of the rest, navigating to the waypoints and mapping the area while keeping itself and the drone safe from obstacles.


Collapse Hovermap
Hovermap ST Physical

Hovermap Physical Specifications
IP RatingIP65
Weight1.6 kg (3.63 lb)
Input voltage14 - 54V, powered from a battery or auxiliary power input
  • Drone/UAV
  • Backpack
  • Vehicle
  • Tether
  • Ground robot
  • Supported drones

  • DJI M210v1
  • DJI M300
  • Acecore Zoe
  • Quick-release mounting mechanismYes
    Auxiliary portProprietary connector
    USB portYes
    WIFI AntennaInternal


    Hovermap Autonomy
    Flight ModesPilot Assist
  • Non-GPS Flight,
  • Position hold and assisted flight
  • collision avoidance
  • regulated flight speed

    Waypoint Mode
  • autonomous waypoint mode
  • Autonomy Level 2 Waypoints
  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Planar
  • Height
  • Autonomy Level 2 Navigation
  • Guided exploration
  • local & global path planning
  • Autopilot CompatibilityDJI & ArduPilot (Acecore Zoe)
    Omnidirectional Collision Avoidance360° x 360°; size of an obstacle > 2 mm (5/64 “) wire; range 1.2 to 40 m (3.9 to 131 ft); In-flight adjustable safety distance
    Included Accessories
  • Handle
  • cables
  • case
  • Universal mounting plate
  • V-Mount 98Wh
  • 14.8v battery
  • Standard battery charger
  • Battery belt clip
  • Optional Accessories
  • Colorization kit
  • Vehicle mounts
  • Protective cage
  • Hard case
  • backpack
  • Automated Ground Control targets
  • Cavity Monitoring System adaptor kit
  • Battery, fast charger kit
  • Mapping

    SLAM MappingSimultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) based LiDAR mapping +/- 0.03% drift
    LiDAR accuracy

    +/- 30 mm

    LiDAR range

    0.40m to 100m

    Mapping accuracy
  • +/- 20 mm in general environments
  • +/- 15 mm in typical underground and indoor environments
  • +/- 5 mm for close-range scanning
  • Start / stop scanning while in motionYes
    Angular field of view360° x 290°
    LiDAR Data acquisition speed
  • Single Return Mode: up to 300,000 points/sec
  • Dual Return Mode: up to 600,000 points/sec
  • Maximum data capture traveling speed

  • Vehicle: 40 km/h (24.9 mph)
  • Flight: 5 m/s (16.4 fps) above ground & 2 m/s (6.6 fps) underground or confined spaces
  • Outputs
  • Full resolution point cloud
  • Decimated point cloud
  • Trajectory file
  • Point cloud file format.las, .laz, .ply, .dxf, E57

    Point cloud attributesIntensity, range, time, return number (strongest & last) and ring number
    Processing parametersPre-set profiles with 20+ adjustable parameters
    Storage512 Gigabytes – approximately 8 hours of sensor data
    USB 3High-speed data offload
    Operating temperature-10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F)

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