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Review the table below to see our most recent inventory of used equipment.

EquipmentEquipment TypeDescriptionQuantity
Olympus - 37DL Plus w/D790 TransducerUT Thickness GaugeThe Olympus 37DL PLUS is an advanced NDT ultrasonic thickness gauge that
combines powerful measurement features with sophisticated data acquisition and output capabilities
for storage tank and pipeline applications. The 37DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gauge includes
several innovative features that simplify true metal thickness measurements, even through coated and
painted surfaces. The patented Thru-Coat technology measures and displays the thickness of the metal
part and its coating using a “single backwall echo.”
Dakota - CMX-DL Plus w/TransducerUT Thickness GauageThis portable scanner has the ability to measure material and coating thicknesses simultaneously
while detecting pits and flaws. The CMX DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gauge features an
A-Scan presentation with RF and Rectified viewing options. A host of time saving features are also
included such as auto probe zero, auto probe recognition, auto temperature compensation, and paint
and coating thickness compensation. Achieve precision linearity via a selectable transducer table
and material and coating calibration options.
Jireh - Tripod wall crawler w/D790 Transducer
Used Jireh Tripod Wall Crawler

UT Wall CrawlerThe Jireh Tripod Wall Crawler is a remotely controlled vehicle designed to move along straight or curved metal surfaces. Using three powerful magnets, the wall crawler can climb vertically or horizontally, even upside down. Cameras and other inspection equipment can also be attached, allowing for easy access in hard to reach places. Jirah’s Tripod Wall Crawler has a three wheeled computerized drive system, providing 360 degree rotation, giving you unparalleled movement and flexibility.

This vehicle is composed of industrial-grade materials, providing protection against harsh production environments including vibration, shock and temperature resistances. The rugged umbilical cord houses power, communication cords, coax conductors, and even a water line. The Tripod Wall Crawler also features environmental seals which prevent contaminants from entering the unit.
Olympus - EPOCH 4 w/B-ScanUT Flaw DetectorThe Olympus Epoch 4 flaw detector also includes a comprehensive, large-capacity data logger that lets you store and organize all your test data while in the field. Connect with our GageView Pro application to review and edit all your inspection data.

The optional Encoded B-Scan can be connected to the Olympus Epoch 4 ultrasonic flaw detector to capture and display the scanned thickness measurements along the distance of internally corroded pipe or tank walls. This powerful, time-saving option allows users to select between bidirectional and unidirectional modes, and can store up to 10,000 thickness readings.
Olympus - EPOCH XTUT Flaw DetectorThe Olympus Epoch XT is an advanced and portable ultrasonic flaw detector that offers great flexibility and can be used in extreme environments. This rugged tool has environmental seals to withstand the harsh conditions of field operation and has been designed to be vibration and shock resistant.

With its color-coded direct access keypad, this lightweight flaw detector gives you fast and easy access to important setup parameters and customizable presets. The powerful onboard data logger has a wide range of features to meet your inspection needs. The Epoch XT ultrasonic flaw detector also supports multiple battery types and includes a no-tools required compartment for quick battery replacement.
Olympus - EPOCH XT w/B-Scan
Used Epoch XT w/ B-Scan

UT Flaw DetectorThe optional Encoded B-Scan can be connected to the Olympus Epoch XT ultrasonic flaw detector to capture and display the scanned thickness measurements along the distance of internally corroded pipe or tank walls. This powerful, time-saving option allows users to select between bidirectional and unidirectional modes, and can store up to 10,000 thickness readings.

By generating thickness markers at specific scan locations, the Encoded B-Scan also has the ability to automatically save A-Scan data when triggered by alarm conditions.
Olympus - OmniScan MX 16:128UT Phased ArrayBuilt for the most demanding NDT requirements, this unit uses the innovative phased array and eddy current array test modules along with conventional eddy current and ultrasound modules. The OmniScan MX is a compact and lightweight flaw detector that is easily portable. It is built tough with casing and bumpers to protect against the shocks and drops of field operation. The OmniScan MX flaw detector offers user-friendly features such as an 8.4 inch real-time display that is visible under any light condition, and a quickly accessible scroll knob and function keys. The OmniScan MX makes inspection jobs a breeze.1
Oxford Instruments - ARC-MET8000

Carbon AnalyzerThe ARC-MET8000 is a hand held XRF scanner engineered to identify all key elements in metal materials, including carbon to verify weldability.

Analyze key elements directly within the probe, giving optimum accuracy to your measurements. The ARC-MET8000 saves you time by providing an easy switch between the airpath nose and argon nose, eliminating the need to change out the probe in different situations. With the integrated keyboard and remote display, this easy to carry unit is designed to save you time during inspections.

View inspections in a wide variety of lighting conditions with high quality display. The ARC-MET8000 hand held XRF scanner can even be doubled as a lab or production instrument, saving you the cost of using multiple systems.
Magnaflux - ZB-100F

MPI Black LightThe ZB100F for magnetic particle inspection is a 100-watt blacklight that produces longwave ultraviolet light at 365 nanometers. The polycarbonate Air-Flo™ bezel allows air to cool the lens in the rest position and helps keep operators' hands away from the lens during use, protecting them from burns. The cord-through-handle design reduces operator fatigue and provides greater safety.7
Pearpoint - P330 200'

Push CameraThe Pearpoint P330 is a push camera inspection system designed for a wide range of video inspection situations.

The rugged control unit is designed to fit all P330 reels and can withstand strong impacts and harsh weather conditions. The industrial-grade anti-glare monitor screen provides the user with a crisp view in almost any environment. The tilting screen, optional QWERTY keyboard and onboard video recorder make inspections easier.

With interchangeable cameras available, the Pearpoint P330 push camera inspection system is the ideal choice for inspection professionals.
Wohler - VIS2000 w/Pan & Tilt Camera Head 100Push CameraThe Wöhler VIS 2000 Pro is a fully digital push camera inspection system used to detect leaks and defects in various applications.

The Wöhler VIS 2000 Pro features a pan and tilt camera head that allows for an easier, more accurate inspection., The anti-glare color monitor is easy to view in sunny environments. Stored images and video can be transferred to an external device via the included memory card. The push camera system can also be used with the range of Wöhler video camera heads.
Wohler - VIS400 w/Pan & Tilt Camera Head 100'Push CameraThe Wohler VIS 400 Push Camera System gives users the ability to analyze damage and visually inspect essential systems. It is fully functional with Pan & Tilt Camera Head.

This 3-pound modular push camera system allows users to choose individual components to suit various application needs. The Wöhler VIS 400 can be used in a wide range of applications, including inspection of chimneys, ventilation systems, building drains and house connections. The system includes a carry strap and an anti-glare protective pouch.


Visual Inspection ROVThe Versatrax 150 is a configurable internal pipe crawler inspection system designed for long-range use up to 500 feet.

With a variety of configuration options, the pipe crawler inspection system can be adjusted for flat surfaces or round pipe operations with pipe diameters from 6 inches to 12 inches, or in a parallel configuration, 12 inches and up.

The Versatrax 150 pipe crawler has a waterproof camera that gives the user a wide range of control options including pan, tilt and zoom. High-resolution video can be viewed and recorded with optional storage.
Inuktun - Versatrax 100 w/Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera Head 600'

Visual Inspection ROVThe Versatrax 100 is a miniature crawler system capable of inspecting pipe and ducts as small as 4in / 10cm in diameter. Like the Versatrax 150, this crawler offers an in-line and parallel configuration for different pipe sizes.

The Versatrax 100 is portable – the entire system fits into two Pelican cases (including the tether cable and hand reel). Despite its compact size, this system has the power to penetrate up to 600ft / 180m of pipe and overcome obstacles and offset joints.

All Versatrax units are easily configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation. The vehicles are adjustable for a range of pipe.
Olympus - IPLEX MX 4-Way Articulation - 6mm x 2m

BorescopeThe IPLEX MX is a lightweight videoscope system that uses an internal battery. This portable video probe combines the features of the larger Iplex with the ability to use in areas with restricted access and power.

  • Battery or mains adaptor
  • BNC & S-video outputs
  • Image brightness adjust, zoom and freeze controls
  • Still jpeg images can be stored on the compact flash
Agilent 1220 Autosampler Cann-ID Configured

THC Testing EquipmentThe 1220 Infinity II LC is an integrated system for routine HPLC analysis in analytical and QA/QC labs. Based on the proven technology of the InfinityLab LC Series, the system's high quality and performance help you achieve maximum return on investment and lowest cost of ownership from day one.

You can choose from four affordable 'all-in-one' configurations, while upgrade paths allow you to increase system capability as your needs change. The walkup upgrade and software convert the 1220 Infinity II LC into a perfect LC or LC/MS workhorse for multi-user environment. Almost any InfinityLab LC Series module can be connected to give you maximum flexibility.
Proceq - Equotip 2Hardness TesterThe Proceq Equotip 2 metal hardness tester is a powerful and portable hardness tester for all metallic materials. Its lightweight design allows for ease of use and mobility. It measures the Leeb value (L) for materials, which is the ratio of the impact velocity to the rebound velocity. It is very accurate with good reproducibility and a large measuring range—from soft to extremely hard.1
Lizard -M8

Lizard M8an advanced electromagnetic defect detection and corrosion mapping system capable of providing Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM), Classic Phase Plane Impedance and an exclusive Field Gradient Imaging data from a single scan pass. For topside or subsea inspections. The M8 control unit is able to drive extended probe cables of up to 200m in length.3

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