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Elios 3 UT Payload Available at MFE Inspection Solutions

Houston, Texas—MFE Inspection Solutions, an authority on innovative inspection technology, proudly announces the addition of Flyability’s newest breakthrough, the Elios 3 UT payload, to their extensive product lineup. By adding ultrasonic inspection to the Elios 3’s toolbox, Flyability is solidifying this revolutionary drone’s status as an invaluable tool for inspectors.

Flyability partnered with UT inspection powerhouse Cygnus Instruments to create this seamlessly integrated payload that will enable inspectors to capture accurate UT data safely and efficiently in confined spaces.  

A key new feature is location tagging. The Elios 3 can carry both a UT and LiDAR payload at the same time, allowing operators to take measurements and pinpoint that measurement’s precise location on a map. The Elios 3 also comes equipped with couplant monitoring. Operators can remotely monitor couplant levels and bring the drone back for a quick refill, ensuring minimal disruption to the inspection process.

By integrating a smart probe arm engineered for confined spaces, precise laser targeting, and instant A-scan feedback, the drone enhances inspection accuracy and maintains maneuverability, expanding the scope of what’s possible in indoor drone inspections.

MFE’s specialists partner with customers to facilitate the integration of this technology into their operations, aiding in equipment selection, implementation, and ongoing assessment.

“The Elios 3 UT Payload isn’t just an addition to our lineup; it’s a game-changer for our customers, offering unparalleled access and insight into confined spaces that were previously challenging or hazardous to inspect. This advancement underscores MFE’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology and empowering our customers with tools that significantly enhance operational efficiency, safety, and the depth of data analysis,” stated Dylan Duke, CEO of MFE Inspection Solutions.”

“Since our first projects with our Oil & Gas, Maritime, and Chemicals customers, the ability to perform UT measurements in addition to visual inspections has been one of the most requested features. The complexity of this challenge took us several product iterations but with the Elios 3 we can finally offer a reliable, safe, and effective UT measurement alternative to places unreachable with scaffolding, crawlers, or cherry pickers!” added Patrick Thévoz, CEO and co-founder of Flyability.

The Elios 3 UT Payload offers unmatched adaptability and precision for a variety of sectors, including oil and gas, mining, and power generation. MFE ensures that industries have access to Flyability’s latest technologies, reinforcing their position as a leader in inspection solutions.

Explore how the Elios 3 UT Payload can revolutionize your indoor inspections. Visit for more information, or contact our sales team to discover how MFE and Flyability can elevate your inspection capabilities.


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