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In the rapidly evolving world of industrial inspections, where efficiency, safety, and accuracy are paramount, the challenges are particularly pronounced in sectors like steel manufacturing and infrastructure. Inspecting large, complex structures such as towers or intricate infrastructure elements often presents significant difficulties. These tasks traditionally require heavy machinery, are time-intensive, and pose considerable risks to personnel, especially when accessing hard-to-reach areas. The Voliro T drone makes its mark as a transformative solution in this arena, adding a unique dimension to non-destructive testing (NDT). Its innovative design reimagines the protocols of industrial inspections, granting access to previously inaccessible or perilous locations, thus elevating safety and operational efficiency in diverse industrial environments.

Customer Needs

Our focus centers on a steel manufacturer tasked with inspecting a daunting 100 ft tower. The primary challenge was to conduct thorough inspections without resorting to cumbersome methods like scaffolding or man lifts, which are not only time-consuming but also pose safety risks. This scenario is not unique in industrial settings, where inspections frequently involve hard-to-reach areas and require considerable time and resources.


The Voliro T drone emerged as the ideal solution, especially in overcoming challenges posed by difficult surface conditions that conventional UT probes struggle with. Equipped to perform ultrasonic thickness measurements with unprecedented ease and precision, the drone introduced the quickly swappable EMAT probe (Learn more about EMAT), adept at handling diverse surface conditions seamlessly. This innovation transformed tasks that were previouslyVoliro T Electromagnetic Acoustid Tranducer for inspections on rough surfaces time-consuming and complex into efficient processes, easily managed at any height and angle. As a result, what was once a day-long task turned into a matter of hours. The drone mirrored the process of standard UT inspections, taking three readings per shell course, spaced 4 feet apart, demonstrating its capability to adapt to and improve traditional methods.

In addition to its technical proficiency, the Voliro T’s performance in specialized tasks is further complemented by its impressive adaptability in various industrial contexts. For instance, in wind turbine inspections, the drone has reduced what traditionally took over 6 hours of manual labor to a mere 20-30 minutes per turbine. Similarly, in storage tank inspections, it has condensed several hours of work into just 1-2 hours. These examples highlight not only the drone’s ability to significantly streamline inspection times but also its capacity to adapt to unique challenges, like those presented by specific surface conditions, while maintaining high safety and accuracy standards.

The drone’s diverse applications attest to its versatility, demonstrating its suitability for a range of inspection challenges. Its user-friendly interface, including a distance calculator, further amplifies its ease of use. By successfully tackling specific tasks like dealing with challenging surface conditions using the EMAT probe, the Voliro T stands out as a versatile, universal tool, offering efficient, precise, and innovative solutions for industrial inspections.”



The implementation of the Voliro T drone at the steel manufacturing facility marked a significant advancement in the field of industrial inspections. The results were impressive and showcased a dramatic shift in how inspections could be conducted efficiently and safely.



  • Time Efficiency: The inspection of the 100 ft tower, which would have conventionally taken several days, was remarkably reduced. The Voliro T completed the necessary thickness measurements within approximately one hour of continuous flying. This efficiency was a stark contrast to traditional methods, which were time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Safety and Accessibility: The drone’s ability to easily access multiple areas of the tower without needing heavy machinery like JLGs or man lifts was a significant safety improvement. This approach minimized the risks associated with working at heights and using large, cumbersome equipment.
  • Precision and Verification: Despite the challenges posed by the tower’s rough surface, the Voliro T was adept at conducting accurate measurements. The results obtained were cross-verified using a handheld 38dl, ensuring the readings’ accuracy compared to standard D meters. This validation was crucial, as the client was particularly interested in comparing the drone’s performance with traditional inspection methods.
  • Client Satisfaction: The response from the client was overwhelmingly positive. They were impressed not only by the drone’s ability to deliver accurate readings but also by the efficiency and safety improvements it brought to the inspection process. The successful application of the Voliro T in this challenging environment showcased its potential to transform industrial inspections.


The Voliro T drone has proven to be a game-changer in the realm of industrial inspections. By delivering a combination of efficiency, safety, and accuracy, it has set a new benchmark in the field. Its impact extends beyond the steel manufacturing industry, offering transformative solutions across various sectors where safety and efficiency are paramount. As industries continue to evolve, the Voliro T stands as a testament to the power of innovation in overcoming traditional challenges.

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