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Refrigeration Plants Utilizing Acoustic Imaging Technology – Case Study

MFE Inspection Solutions has a new line of customers using Acoustic Imaging Cameras such as the Si-124 to locate hard-to-find leaks in C02 refrigeration plants.  Leaks within manufacturing facilities can be costly and extremely time-consuming to find using the human ear or ultrasonic audio instruments.  Our customers are not only saving time but they are also saving money by using a camera that gives them a visual representation of any detected leak.

Verifying a Leak Indication

After locating a pressure leak with an Acoustic Imaging Camera the same basic methods of verifying the leak are applied.  Using a soapy water spray onto the visually located indication will serve as an efficient evaluation method.

Acoustic Filters & Frequency Range

Before Acoustic Imaging, Ultrasonic Technologies were used to hear frequency ranges beyond what is humanly possible. These frequencies range between 20khz to 100Khz. Acoustic Imaging Cameras work within the acoustic range of 20hz to 20khz and the ultrasonic range combined. In addition, cameras like the FLIR Si-124 have filter options for both acoustic and ultrasonic frequency ranges allowing the operator to pinpoint sounds while filtering out audible background noises.

What are other Acoustic Imaging use-case scenarios?

Si124 display


Gas Leaks

  • Compressed Air
  • Natural Gas
  • Steam Systems

Electrical Faults

  • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Corona


  • Rotating Equipment
  • Belts, Bearings, and Conveyors

Autonomous Roving & Stationary Acoustic Monitoring System

To integrate fully autonomous acoustic imaging inspections, facilities can now incorporate the use of the SV600 with Boston Dynamics SPOT quadruped robot. As a result, SPOT can routinely navigate through any facility with ease while pinpointing and recording sound abnormalities for evaluation. The SV600 can also be used as a stationary continuous monitoring system with audible alarms that sound off to detect, locate and visualize air and gas leaks before they become a costly problem.


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