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Flyability Elios 3 Industrial Drone for Sale for Confined Spaces

Elios 3 Indoor LiDAR Mapping Drone

Flyability has now upgraded the Elios product line to include a new type of indoor inspection drone that supports future payload sensors and features a top-of-the-line LiDAR system.

Flyability Inspector 4.0

Indoor LiDAR Navigation

Using a SLAM system called Flyaware & the new LiDAR payload, drone pilots can navigate their drone through a real-time 3D map that acts like an indoor GPS with centimeter-level accuracy.

Inspector 4.0

The new Inspector 4.0 software is designed for reporting with the Elios 3, giving inspectors visual points of interest within a high-resolution 3D map. Inspector 4.0 is inclusive with the purchase of an Elios 3 and can be downloaded from the Flyability website.

What are the benefits of LiDAR Mapping?

Using a real-time 3D map produced by a SLAM (Simultaneous, Localization, and Mapping) System, Drone pilots can observe their orientation inside complex, low light, confined environments. These LiDAR solutions give drone pilots more confidence when flying missions beyond the line of sight.

In addition to advanced navigation of enclosed environments, the new LiDAR mapping solution can create survey-grade point cloud maps with a relative 6-centimeter resolution and an even higher 2-centimeter resolution processed through the Geo SLAM software, ensuring no area is overlooked. These point cloud maps can be viewed not only in Inspector 4.0 but also exported to other third-party 3D viewer software with file types such as .LAZ, .LAS, .PLY and .TXT.

LiDAR Inspection Use Case Scenarios

Flyabilitys Elios product line consists of collision-tolerant drones specifically designed for indoor use. Some enclosed environments are hazardous to humans, making these specific drones vital for ensuring safety and accessing the inaccessible. Often, it’s hard to maintain sight of the drones while they fly within these confined spaces, which gives the Elios 3 an advantage over its predecessors.

Typical LiDAR mapping use case scenarios consist of:

  • Boilers
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Mines
  • Silos
  • Tanks
  • Wastewater Infrastructure

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