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At a Glance

The Flyability Elios 2 drone provides a significant upgrade from the drone company’s previous model. Flyability is a firm that specializes in designing, creating, and constructing drones used for indoor inspection and confined space exploration. Flyability has created a drone line that enables companies to save time, money, and human capital on large-scale industrial inspections. The Flyability Elios 2 is no exception to these benefits. With all-new features, upgraded technology, and improvements based on customer feedback, the Elios 2 brings high-level offerings to current and future Flyability customers.

Flyability Elios 2 Specs

Like its predecessor, the Elios 2 is ideal for indoor visual inspections, confined space exploration, and large-scale industrial operations. With customers like Cyberhawk, Dow, and Unmanned Aerial Services, Flyability products are primed for commercial and industrial use, providing significant technical and fiscal benefits to these companies. The Elios 2 features a variety of improvements to the old model that make the new drone an ideal vehicle for such upgrades. At a glance, these changes include features like structural improvements, comprehensive lighting options, improved video capabilities, improved software with the latest inspection technology, and enhancements to the overall flight experience. These features culminate in a product that is extremely capable of almost any inspection task, no matter how difficult.

Structural Improvements

Structural improvements made to the Flyability Elios 2 drone enable it to inspect the trickiest and most dangerous indoor inspections. These changes include a new spherical design with increased collision resistance, allowing this drone to maneuver better in confined spaces. These new upgrades also enable you to make sharp or sudden adjustments to the drone’s flight path without completely unsteadying the Elios 2.

The new design is also smaller. At just under 16 inches, the drone can fit in most manholes and any barrel, silo, or other containers that might require confined space inspection. The drone’s new robust transmission technology allows it to remain connected to the pilot even in the most complicated setups and situations. These upgrades give the new model a significant leg up from the previous model’s structure.

Lighting Improvements

The Flyability Elios 2 offers many lighting options that make drone-based inspections as accurate and detailed as an in-person job. First, the new model provides an inspection space with over 10,000 lumens. Pilots can adjust the lighting to optimize viewing for more minor details or big-picture inspection. Upgrades to the lighting don’t stop at power. The Elios 2’s lighting system also features dust-proof lighting capabilities so that even when dirty spaces require inspection, the view is as clean and clear as possible. With dust-proof optics, you’ll never miss anything in your inspection and exploration, down to the smallest detail. Finally, the new product provides thermal and 4K up-close inspection and oblique lighting technology that helps you leave no stone unturned. The drone’s 4K video capabilities offer a 180-degree vantage point and high resolution at 0.18 mm/px. Should you discover a crevice that requires further visual inspections, utilize Elios 2’s new oblique lighting feature. With this feature, you’ll be able to manipulate the angle of light and look more closely at cracks and crevices to ascertain every detail of your inspection.

Inspector 3.0 for Elios 2

Updated Software Suite

The Elios 2 also offers an updated software suite that accompanies your inspection experience. These new applications augment increased mobility with technologically savvy analysis that occurs in real-time while you’re flying. With the company’s Inspector 3.0 technology, you can visualize, localize, and document your inspection data in the moment, so you never forget a vital observation. This software allows you to mark important areas, draw notes directly on top of the video feed, create maps for different regions of your space, and playback observations frame by frame for supremely detailed observations.

Improved Flying & Piloting Experience

Finally, the Elios 2 gives drone pilots a significantly improved experience with improvements to the robot’s stability, viewing capabilities, and spatial awareness. With new GPS-free stabilization, the drone’s spatial technology augments structural enhancements to keep the pilot in control even when making sudden moves. The Elios 2’s HD viewing capabilities give you the impression that you’re there, optimizing observations. For example, the drone has a new feature called “distance lock.” Distance lock allows you to examine one area comprehensively from the same distance. Using distance lock might come in handy if you’re trying to explore an entire wall or damaged area.

Flyability Elios 2 Price

The Flyability Elios 2 might initially seem expensive, but a superficial impression of its price doesn’t capture its value. While Flyability offers a variety of packages and payment options, they recommend the Elios 2 Premium Package. This package provides comprehensive offerings from all the necessary equipment to begin inspections with your new drone and maintenance services and training.

The Premium Package includes the tablet needed to operate your drone, 24 months of warranty coverage, licensing for one year of the Inspector 3.0 technology, and unlimited phone and email support.

Flyability offers USD, EUR, and CHF payment options. While an Elios 2 might be a significant investment, the company promises that purchasing a drone will save you money and time.

Flyability Elios 2 Accessories

Your drone package includes a variety of product accessories necessary to operate the Elios 2 to its full potential.

The Premium Package includes:

  • The operating tablet with the Cockpit app preinstalled
  • A transport case that is well equipped to protect your drone during air or motor vehicle transport
  • A battery storage bag
  • A toolbox with the necessary equipment for quick maintenance
  • Micro SD Cards with 32 GB and 64 GB storage options
  • Spare parts such as extra cage pentagons, propellers, battery chargers, and batteries

Given the various uses, you may require of your Flyability Elios 2 drone, this comprehensive list of accessories and increased customer service might make the Premium Package worth your investment.

Flyability Elios 2 Applications Uses

While confined space inspection is the Elios 2’s primary function, the drone also serves as an Industrial inspection drone and commercial drone. Understanding this product’s application more specifically might help you see the value in investing in an Elios drone for your industrial or commercial enterprise. In a case study detailing the use of an Elios 2 to inspect grain bins, the Flyability Elios 2 provided notable benefits in the inspection process in the three categories of safety, reduced downtime, and return on investment. These three dimensions illustrate the benefits of using a specialized inspection drone, especially the Elios 2.


The same study found that the Elios 2 increased the safety of inspection exponentially. In a major agricultural enterprise, inspecting grain bins can pose a safety hazard for human inspectors. Grain bin inspectors could fall through caked-up grain that appears to be a floor or sturdy support. Additionally, companies must install temporary scaffolding to accommodate human inspectors. Mistakes made in scaffolding construction can also cause injuries to human inspectors, leaving companies with heavy liabilities on their hands. The study notes that using an Elios 2 allowed every part of the grain bin to receive a thorough inspection while keeping workers safe.

Reduced Downtime

Another significant finding in the study was how the Elios 2 saved time in the inspection process. Grain bin inspections typically require six to seven days of downtime to prepare and conduct a human-based assessment. With the Elios 2, the entire inspection process took less than one day. In this case, this drone reduced the inspection duration by a whopping 85%.

Return on Investment

Perhaps the most significant implication of employing the Flyability Elios 2 drone was its impact on return on investment. The Elios 2 saved an estimated $9000 per grain bin inspection for the company examined in the study. For a sizable agricultural enterprise that might conduct over 200 inspections a year, the Elios 2 could save millions of dollars per year. Considering the drone’s improvements to safety and downtime, this return on investment offers so much more than a fiscal advantage.

Customer Needs

Ultimately, the positive impact the Elios 2 has on a variety of enterprises is a partial reflection of this drone’s ability to service its customer needs. First, the agriculture company that employed this drone technology found that the Elios 2 increased safety while decreasing costs. The company also found the overall value of the drone was far more significant than any price tag could indicate. Because they found that the drone could assess the amount and condition of grain stuck to the bin and any damages to its
infrastructure more expertly than human eyes, there was also a technical advantage to using the Elios 2. As a result, the Elios 2 is an ideal drone for any large-scale industrial or commercial enterprise.

Final Impressions & Buying Your Flyability Elios 2 Drone

The Flyability Elios 2 drone is a worthwhile consideration for operating within a large commercial or industrial enterprise. When considering purchasing or leasing options for your drone, there are various places where you can buy your Elios 2 and consider what package might be best for your needs. Ideally, make sure that you’re buying or leasing your drone with a reputable third-party business with customer reviews. We also recommend that you consult with people who are experienced in actually operating the drone
on a daily basis and have used it in its various applications. The expert technicians at MFE Inspection Solutions can help you determine which drone is best for your company and needs. MFE Inspection Solutions offers rentals, as well as flexible payment options if you prefer to own your drone. Contact us to learn more about Flyability Elios 2 drone purchase and lease options for your business.