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Flogistix Director Discusses Success with MFE OGI Camera in Methane Detection Efforts

As MFE Inspection Solutions, we are thrilled to share the positive feedback from David Martinez, Director of the Air Methane program at Flogistix, about his experience with our MFE OGI camera.

David Martinez, the director of the Air Methane program at Flogistix, recently spoke with MFE Inspection Solutions about his experience with the MFE OGI camera. Flowgistix is a petroleum engineering and technology company that aims to help customers maximize their assets, find new revenue streams, and reduce emissions through production optimization and atmospheric solutions. They use technology and proven machinery for data-driven solutions that optimize oil and natural gas sites.

Flogistix has found success in using drone applications for methane detection. According to Martinez, the company faced several challenges in finding the right technology, including the best drones and cameras to use. However, Flogistix has been able to expand their methane detection capabilities by utilizing a variety of systems, including sniffer systems, laser systems, and the MFE OGI camera.

Martinez shared his positive experience with the MFE OGI camera. He finds the handheld OGI camera phenomenal, noting its versatility and effectiveness in handheld applications. The MFE OGI camera has been particularly useful for verification checks on leaks and other inspections where a drone application is not feasible.

Overall, Martinez is pleased with the MFE OGI camera and appreciates the innovation and investment that MFE Inspection Solutions has put into its products. Martinez’s experience shows how the MFE OGI camera can be used in various applications, including atmospheric solutions and production optimization. We are thrilled to hear that our technology has been instrumental in helping Flogistix achieve their goals and address their challenges effectively.

Ground-level Autonomous Solutions with Boston Dynamics SPOT

Integrating the MFE OGI camera with Boston Dynamics quadruped robot SPOT allows for autonomous navigation through hazardous environments to capture live video footage with real-time detection of gas leaks. The SPOT robot is equipped with advanced sensors that work in conjunction with the MFE OGI camera to provide accurate data on gas emissions. This innovative technology offers an efficient and safe alternative for inspections in difficult-to-reach locations, reducing the risks to human life.

Our Goal

At MFE Inspection Solutions, our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for their NDT, RVI, ENV, and UAV needs. We are dedicated to offering dependable products and outstanding customer service to ensure our clients have the tools they need to optimize their operations and maximize their assets.

We take pride in being part of the advanced technology rental, sales, repairs, and training wing of the industrial inspection industry. Our team is passionate about researching the NDT and RVI market to ensure we offer the best equipment at the most competitive prices.

Flogistix’s positive experience with the MFE OGI camera is a testament to our commitment to innovation and investment in our products. If you’re facing unique challenges in your methane detection efforts, our MFE OGI camera is designed for various applications, including atmospheric solutions and production optimization.

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Flogistix specializes in production optimization and atmospheric solutions for oil and gas sites. Their mission is to maximize profits while reducing emissions through data-driven solutions and proven machinery. Increase revenue and reduce emissions today with Flogistix’s vapor recovery and leak detection solutions.  Contact Flogistix now to learn more.