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Water Storage Tanks

Water tanks are typically drained and taken out of service as contractors inspect, clean, and sanitize the tank. In addition, a large volume of water drained from water tanks is disposed of into the ground as it cannot be put back into the system. Luckily now we have access to small portable ROV systems that can help reduce downtime and give us the accessories we need to ensure tank cleanliness and integrity.

Types of Water Storage Tanks

Here are 8 most common water tanks on the market today.

  • Fiberglass
  • Pillow Tanks
  • Concrete
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bolted Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Polyethylene

Traditional Water Tank Inspections

If water tanks are left unattended for too long, tanks are subjected to corrosion or degradation of commonly used materials.  For example, concrete tanks are prone to cracking and steel tanks are prone to rust.

ROV Visual Inspection

There are several submersible ROV “Remote Operated Vehicles” on the market today. Many of these ROV’s have high lumen lighting, advanced stabilization, and camera systems to maintain position and capture high-definition video footage and images for visual inspection purposes. Underwater ROV systems allow inspectors to travel further depths and for extended periods. Extra sensory ROV accessories give inspectors the ability to record specific positions and particular areas of interest for further evaluation.

Due to the portability and size of these Remote Operated Vehicles, they can be deployed quickly for underwater operations without the need to schedule or coordinate with divers.

Underwater ROV Ultrasonic Inspection

Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges can be integrated into Deep Trekker units such as the DTG3 or the DT640 for tank, hull, or other metallic surface inspections.  Readings can be taken within seconds with .1mm accuracy.

Water Tank Cleaning & ROV Cleaning Solutions

Water tanks collect sedimentation over time that generally collects on the tank’s floor. This sedimentation usually is vacuumed out of the tank during the inspection process. The DT640 has a Vacuum package that allows the submersible ROV to clean up sedimentation with a pumping system and external hose assembly.   

More Information Regarding Maintenance and Inspection ROVs

Do you have a water storage tank that you’d like to service with a Remote Operated Vehicle? Contact one of our specialists at MFE Inspection Solutions today!