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Deep Trekker Revolution Featured on A+E Networks

Deep Trekker President “Sam Macdonald” and the Revolution underwater remote-operated vehicle were featured on A+E Networks Greatest Mysteries: Shipwrecked WWII Gold in Lost Submarine. Through the use of a magnetometer, ROV, and professional divers, the search is on for a Nazi U-boat filled with valuables from WWII.



Notable Search and Recover Features


Ocean Depth Hydrostatic Pressure

The weight of the ocean has always been an obstacle for divers as they strive to go beyond a few hundred feet. As a result, world record SCUBA divers have only reached depths of approximately 1,000 feet.  With its rugged design, the Deep Trekker Revolution can easily reach depths of 1,000 feet and maintain those depths for more extended periods than a human being.

Recording Points of Interest

The Revolution is equipped with a USBL(Ultra Short Baseline) positioning system that can geo-tag precise locations for reporting areas of interest.

Revolution Underwater ROV

History Channel ROVShipwrecked WWII Gold in Lost Submarine

Click here to watch the full episode of History’s Greatest Mysteries season 2, episode 2.