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Cynthia Huang with Auterion, speaks with sUAS Business Development Manager Tim Sime about trends he sees in the industry.

MFE Inspection Solutions is a service provider of advanced inspection equipment and is very well known in the energy sector. MFE provides customer solutions dependent upon use case scenarios that ultimately improve inspection quality while saving time and money. In addition, MFE is taking the next steps in autonomous inspection solutions, whether it be regarding autonomous drones and robots or stationary continuous monitoring equipment.

Autonomous Drones and Robot Inspection Solutions:

Skydio Autonomous Drones

The Skydio X2 drone gives you the ability to inspect an asset off-site with a digital twin, but these drones also have cutting-edge autonomous capabilities. In addition, Skydio drones have advanced collision avoidance technology and integrate navigation features that give these drones the ability to outperform even the most advanced drone pilots.

SPOT Robot

SPOT, the robot dog, has an array of sensors making him one of the ultimate roving inspection systems today. SPOT can integrate sensors and systems that give him the capability of visualizing gas and sound, mapping territories, or even broadening the range of his private wireless network. In addition, SPOT’s AI technology features an autonomous walk for continuous monitoring of environments covering a broader scope than stationary equipment.


Stationary Autonomous Monitoring Equipment:

SV600 Acoustic Imaging

One of the innovative SPOT robot accessories, the SV600, can also be used as a stationary device for those that need 24-hour coverage of an environment to monitor for changes in sound that could prevent hazardous conditions or critical failure of equipment.