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The FLIR Si124 is now available to rent at MFE. This tool will give you the opportunity to view a precise acoustic image in real-time for the purpose of leak detection and locating partial discharge from high-voltage systems. The FLIR Si124 displays the ultrasonic information live on the screen allowing the user to pinpoint the source of a sound with precise accuracy.

Compressed Air Leak Detection

While in a quiet environment, a human ear can sometimes hear in air leak; in your average industrial environment, it’s impossible to hear even the louder leaks because of all of the background noise. The FLIR Si124 filters out the industrial noise and allows professionals to view the sounds from the leaks even in loud environments. The importance of detecting these leaks is paramount as compressed air is the single most expensive energy source across all factory types, yet up to one-third of that compressed air gets lost to leaks and inefficiencies.

Locating Partial Discharge from High-Voltage Systems

In electrical systems, partial discharge can lead to equipment failures and unplanned downtime. With the Si124, professionals can safely detect problems from up to 100 meters away and analyze discharge patterns. The camera classifies three partial discharge types, including surface discharge, floating discharge, and discharge into the air. Knowing the type and severity of the discharge enables the facility to schedule maintenance to minimize failures and downtime.

The Si124 also features the FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud service. Image captures are quickly uploaded over Wi-Fi to the cloud service and then immediately analyzed, providing the user in-depth information such as the size and energy cost of a compressed air leak, or the partial discharge classification and pattern of an electric fault. In addition, users get 8 GBs of storage and wireless data transfer capabilities, making sharing photos and data simple and efficient.

The Si124 requires minimal training and can be used one-handed. Through a regular maintenance routine, professionals can identify issues fast – helping utilities keep the power flowing and manufacturing operations going.