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HOUSTON, TX, October 13, 2020 – Inspection solutions provider MFE Rentals announces its partnership with global mobile robotics leader Boston Dynamics today giving MFE Rentals customers premier access to the groundbreaking SPOT robot. Boston Dynamics designed SPOT® to go where other robots cannot go and perform a broad number of tasks, making it a revolutionary asset across myriad applications.Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dog

Operators may use Spot to monitor remote or hazardous environments, automate documentation of construction progress, and provide situational awareness in remote settings. The modular platform is customizable and may be reconfigured for various use cases. Spot also may be outfitted with a number of payloads such as the Spot Cam to catch spherical images, the Spot ARM enabling mobile manipulations such as opening doors and grasping objects, and Spot CORE which provides dedicated processing for applications requiring on-robot computation.

Spot autonomously navigates over or around obstacles in its path using the real-time mapping conducted by the perception system. Spot also comes equipped with Autowalk, an easy-to-use tablet feature that allows users to record and replay autonomous missions. MFE Rentals says Spot is a revolutionary tool that opens up many opportunities for its customers as they integrate this new technology into their business operations.

“With Spot, we are getting a piece of the future right now. It opens up many capabilities for asset managers to remotely monitor facilities, inspect progress, remotely perform inspections, and so much more. Spot is remarkably intuitive and can be adapted to many use cases. We’re proud to include it in our toolkit for our customers,” said Jason Acerbi, MFE Rentals Eastern US General Manager.

MFE Rentals is a leading NDT, RVI, Environmental, and UAV solutions provider with offerings that go well beyond equipment rentals to include sales, calibrations, repairs, and training. As solution providers, MFE’s team helps customers see the possibilities by keeping them informed of innovative inspection applications that save time, save money, and ensure the safety of their operators.

Boston Dynamics SPOT robot is now available through MFE Rentals. For more information, go to or contact Jason Acerbi at

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About Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics is the global leader in developing and deploying highly mobile robots capable of tackling the toughest robotics challenges. Our core mission is to lead the creation and delivery of robots with advanced mobility, dexterity and intelligence that add value in unstructured or hard-to-traverse spaces and positively impact society. We create high-performance robots equipped with perception, navigation and intelligence by combining the principles of dynamic control and balance with sophisticated mechanical designs, cutting-edge electronics and next-generation software. We have three mobile robots in our portfolio – Spot®, Handle™ and Atlas® – as well as Pick™, a computer vision-based robotics solution for logistics. Founded in 1992, Boston Dynamics spun out of the MIT Leg Lab and is one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces of 2020. For more information on our company and its technologies, please visit