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MFE Rentals, Inc. is now an authorized reseller of Flyability’s Elios, the world’s first collision-tolerant drone. With its carbon fiber protective structure decoupled from the drone using gimbal technology and a live video feedback, the Elios provides a visual reach to industry professionals that was previously unattainable or cost-prohibitive. The Elios is now available for purchase from any MFE Rentals’ location.

MFE Rentals is thrilled to offer operators the advantage of a decrease in downtime and inspection costs. The Elios drone also eliminates the need for time-consuming safety procedures and hazardous confined space entry methods. The Elios is safely contained within a carbon fiber structure that gives operators the freedom to operate it in any variety of environments, as well as complete darkness using its LED lighting and thermal imagery.

“MFE Rentals is honored and excited about partnering with Flyablity,” says MFE Rentals Vice President Dylan Duke. “As they are the leader in collision-tolerant drone technology, we strongly believe that their product line will be well-received by our customers. Flyability, our customers, and the MFE Rentals team are always seeking new technology to reduce inspection costs and, most importantly, preserve life and limb. The Elios collision-tolerant drone meets and exceeds these demands.”

For Swiss-based drone manufacturer Flyability, working with MFE rentals represents a new opportunity to accelerate the commercialization and the use of its product Elios across North America.

“We are very pleased and honored to have MFE rentals as an authorized reseller. With ten points of sales across North America, they are a leading provider of inspection equipment and are very familiar with the challenges of our customers’ activity.” says Flyability CEO Patrick Thévoz. “Flyability is actively developing a network of global resellers to allow our customers throughout the globe to access our technology more easily. MFE rentals will allow us to maintain a fast, high-quality service to our North American customers, and speed-up adoption in the huge US industrial inspection market.”

MFE Rentals has become an authorized reseller of Flyability’s Elios, which will enable faster interventions for urgent inspections and better reactivity to answer customers needs. If you want to know more about Elios or arrange a demo, please contact Dylan Duke at or Flyability sales team at