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MFE Inspection Solutions Integrates Teledyne FLIR MUVE C360 Chemical Hazard Sensor Payload to SPOT

Teledyne FLIR Defense has teamed with MFE Inspection Solutions to integrate the compact multi-gas detector MUVE C360 with the Boston Dynamics SPOT robot.  This integrated solution will enable remote monitoring of chemical hazards from SPOT as well as specific UAVs in real-time. The MUVE 360 detects and classifies airborne gas or chemical hazards keeping humans safe during routine maintenance and inspection operations.



MFE Muve 360 to SPOT CORE

Easy to attach and plenty of room for multiple payload accessories.

The MUVE C360 easily mounts and is connected to the SPOT CORE with plenty of space for other payload accessories.

Muve 360 Sensor Display

Muve 360 gas readings interface.

Use the SPOT Remote Control to view a real-time display of hazardous gas levels.  As an extra safety feature, SPOT will turn off completely if the LEL is detected at a specific threshold.


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