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MFE Inspection Solutions Drone Course Offerings

The world is evolving at an exponential rate, robotics, artificial intelligence and drone technology have reached new heights for visual and non-destructive testing inspections.  MFE Inspection Solutions is now providing training to help inspectors advance within their field utilizing a new wave of autonomous equipment and advanced sensor payload accessories.


Beginner Introductory Training

MFE Inspection Solutions offers comprehensive beginner-level training to learn how to navigate various remote-controlled drones and how to maintain the integrity of the equipment. Beginner-level training is vital to build confidence and gain an in-depth understanding of the limitations of drones and payload accessories.


Drone Training Prep Course FAA107

Novice Training for the Experienced

Flyability Elios Case Study Maritime Industry
Indoor Inspection

While drones are still considerably new to many industrial industries, many people have a novice level of experience flying drones. All drones are, however, not created equal. For example, MFE helps novice-level pilots who have limited expertise flying in tightly confined spaces navigate obstacles exclusive to indoor inspections and collect clear and concise data.

Application Assessment

Here at MFE Inspection Solutions, we not only help you learn the functionality of several different types of drones, but we also help you identify the most suitable equipment for your particular application.

Skydio S2 Drone

Advanced Drone Inspection Technologies Training

ZENMUSE L1 for Matrice 300
Payload Accessories

MFE Instructors teach students how to collect quality data hands-on with the most advanced payload sensors on the market today.  MFE Inspection Solutions carries a variety of gimbals that include, Lidar, Mapping, Gas detection, and more.

Software and Autonomous Operations

After taking flight and learning the hardware on different drone platforms, MFE Inspection Solutions offers a full in-class review of corresponding sensor payloads and autonomous software operations.

Ready to take the next step?

MFE Training Centers are located all across North America. Visit our MFE Training Course web page to find a drone training center near you and talk to one of our experts today!