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Boston Dynamics and MFE Inspection Solutions demonstrate SPOT at the 23rd World Petroleum Congress.

MFE-Is General Manager Jason Acerbi and Boston Dynamics Sales Manager Chris McCasky were attracting an audience by demonstrating the quadruped robot “Spots'” extraordinary data collection capabilities at Hess Corporations booth when Shern-Min Chow from KHOU-TV approached them for an interview.  SPOT has made its way into several refineries creating digital twins, turning valves, or locating leaks through optical gas and sound imaging. In addition, Hess Corporation and many other energy companies have adopted SPOT to conduct routine maintenance and manage risk.      

How has SPOT become an asset inside refineries?



By Integrating the MFE OGI Camera, Spot can see specific gasses and streamline data for remote analysis.

Boston Dynamics Spot

SPOT has an arm.

Spots arm can help turn valves or even retrieve objects from areas that could be hazardous to humans.

SPOT Gauge reading

Guage reading

Spot can be programmed to record gauge readings or even notice specific changes within the data.

Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dog Inspection

Climbing and obstacle avoidance

Spot is one of the most advanced quadruped robots in the world and can easily navigate through various terrains.  Through the use of spots camera systems, this revolutionary quadruped robot can even avoid oncoming obstacles.

MFE on WGN9 News Chicago
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The MFE OGI is a stand alone Optical Gas Imaging Camera or it can be paired and utilized with SPOT.


Spot Featured Image


Check out SPOT as seen on KHOU-TV!


Scout Boston Dynamics Software

Scout Software

The web-based teleoperations software specifically designed for the quadruped robot “SPOT.”