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Skydio S2 Obstacle Avoidance

Skydio Autonomous Drones:

Skydio 2+

Click below for more information about the Skydio S2 Pro with Enterprise software package subscriptions. The Skydio 2 with its artificial intelligence-powered flight autonomy is the most intelligent and simplified drone to operate in the market. Thanks to obstacle avoidance and motion prediction capabilities.

Skydio X2 Enterprise Drone Icon

Skydio X2

Click below for more information about the Skydio X2E with Autonomy Enterprise Foundation (AEF) Subscription.  The X2 is a rugged airframe designed for “pack and go” transportation with up to 35minutes of flight time and a dual-sensor color / thermal payload.

Skydio Autonomous Software Videos:

Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation (AEF)

This software delivers advanced AI-powered capabilities to assist pilots during situational awareness scenarios and detailed industrial asset inspections. AEF is Designed for professionals, it offers an enterprise-caliber flight experience through the new Skydio Enterprise application (available for iOS and Android). Click here for more information.

Skydio 3d Scan

Automate the data capture process for documentation of complex structures and generate 3D models. With this software subscription, you can build high-quality reports, reconstructions, and perform inspections faster and more accurately with minimal training than professional drone pilots. Click here for more information!

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Virtual Twins

Autonomously generate incredibly detailed 3D digital twins.