Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT)




Inspection solutions for wire rope integrity utilizing three signals, “LMA/WRR/LF” for reliable and high accuracy data acquisition.

LMA Signal

Measures the loss of metallic cross-sectional area caused by corrosion, abrasion, etc. This signal is quantitative and can be calibrated. The wire rope must be retired when the LMA is greater than 10%.

WRR Signal

Measures wire rope roughness. The WRR signal indicates external corrosion pitting, broken wires and clusters of broken wires. This particular signal is quantitative and is calibrated together with the LMA Signal.

LF Signal

Indicates localized flaws. This non-calibratable signal is only quantitative and is of limited value for assessing rope deterioration and for making rope retirement decisions.


MRT Sensor Heads

Our Custom MRT Sensor Heads are designed to measure wires from Φ 0-120 mm

Wire Rope Inspection Hardware

MRT Large Sensor Heads

We have larger sensor heads available for larger diameter wire ropes designed to inspect wire rope up to 165 mm.

MRT Systems Large Sensors

Continuous Rope Monitoring System (CRMS)

High-Value wire ropes for cranes and winches are expensive and safety-critical.  Each of these wire ropes is a multimillion-dollar investment. To protect the integrity of these ropes, inspection and maintenance equipment should be used. through the use of a mounted Continuous Rope Monitoring System, equipment owners can ensure a considerable return on investment.

Continuous Rope Monitoring System


  • mine hoist
  • crane rope
  • guy-wire
  • stay-cable
  • zip-line
Environmental Rating
  • IP 67
  • Rope Speed: 0.03 to 3 m/sec (0.5 to 600 feet per minute)
  • Test Signals: LF and LMA Signal, amplitudes independent of rope speed.
  • Inspections are not affected by grease, dirt, paint or plastic sealing materials.
  • Battery operation makes our instrumentation easy to use under adverse field conditions. Also, The use of batteries eliminates electromagnetic interference problems caused by noisy power lines present in many industrial environments.
  • NDT_CARE™ 3.0  (Computer Aided Rope Evaluation Software)



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